How to Legitimately Fix the PS4 2.0 Rest Mode Bug

It has been determined that the “rest mode bug” is not something that is inherently found within PlayStation’s 2.0 package: the problem arises when users update from a previous version. If installed properly, no bug is encountered. Because there is no problem with the firmware itself and the error simply occurs when it is being written onto the console from a previous version, reinitialization and reinstallation fix the problem.


Title change: "How to Legitimately Fix Most Post 2.0 Firmware Update Issues"

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WoshJills1301d ago

I hope this helps, everyone.

WoshJills1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Choosing "select all" when backing up your PS4 and using a large storage device (such as an external hard drive or a large USB stick) makes this very, very easy. The 1 GB is a MINIMUM requirement.

NegativeCreepWA1300d ago

Try going to your psn settings and re registering your email, read it reddit and people are saying its working.

NegativeCreepWA1300d ago

I just tried the method I mentioned above and it worked.

Go to settings, PSN, account information, it'll show that your email has not been verified, verify it and you're done.

badz1491300d ago

my god...IT WORKS! verifying the email thing really works!

it really said that my email is not verified, which is kinda strange because I have been using the PSN for so long, so I just send the verification email, verified it using my email and WALLA...the Rest Mode bug is NO MORE!

thanks @NegativeCreepWA

Kingthrash3601300d ago

Just did this...
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u got owned1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

My PS4 is turning on and off by itself, after that it goes to safe mode. I've tried everything, I even initialized it manually with an USB but it keeps doing the same thing

Anyone having the same problem? Help!

NegativeCreepWA1300d ago

Sorry guys, must of been a temp fix, mine is doing it again.

badz1491299d ago

yup...sadly it's just temporary. I tried 2 times when it worked. but later on tried it again after some time passed and it's doing it again. man...I hope Sony could released 2.1 quickly!

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ekojmart1300d ago

Haven't tried yet as I'm still at work, but any attempt at fixing that is much appreciated. Kudos, sir.


The email validation method works...pass it on!

gushater3651299d ago

The issue has to do with having something to actually upload. after doing this, i was able to immediately turn it off or on, but when having to connect to the net work caused the issue.

Eidolon1300d ago

Thanks. I'll have my friend try it, he doesn't got much data on his.

TheTwelve1300d ago

I'll wait for the official update but definitely thanks for your work.


It didn't help mine so I'm waiting for 2.1

ZombieKiller1300d ago

I hope this helps everyone out too. I had it happen to me and as much as I didn't wanna do it, I pulled the power cord.

That worked but at the risk of data corruption so I wouldn't recommend anyone try it. No data was corrupted thank god, but still I hope this is a solid fix until Sony whips up something.

Moral of the story: Turn off the ps4 as normal until they give us the go. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Good luck y'all

Spenok1300d ago

Yeah this is basically my stance. I've also read that you can boot the system in safe mode, and have it reinstall the update. I've seen several sources say that works. I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet lol.

JsonHenry1300d ago

It would help if you could actually start the system up to do this fix. When I hit the power button it acts like it is going to start up then shuts itself off after a second. Looked it up, it would seem its a very common problem and maybe isn't related to this glitch?

TAURUS-5551299d ago

i havent had any issue after the big update. i love it.

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WitWolfy1301d ago

I noticed after 2.0 my PS4 is only in sleep for like an hour then turns its self off completely.. Weird...

ziggurcat1300d ago

that sounds eerily like what was happening with my first PS4, which was defective.

mochachino1300d ago

But seeing that his worked prior to the update it must be a software not a hardware problem.

wsoutlaw871300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Just because there was an update doesn't mean the update caused it. But yes in this situation it is a setting.

rivencleft1300d ago

I had the same issues with my first PS4, pre-ordered and bought it from Amazon and I'd be an hour into a game and it would shut itself off. Angered me to no end. Didn't know what was happening with it until I read online how badly Amazon packed pretty much everyone's PS4 causing damage to the hardware. Sent it in to Sony last year and I think they just replaced it, but luckily Amazon gave me half my money back for it so I wound up only spending $200 for a new PS4, so it wasn't all bad.

u got owned1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Hey Guys,

My PS4 is turning on and off by itself, after that it goes to safe mode. I've tried everything, I even initialized it manually with an USB but it keeps doing the same thing

Do you guys think is a software problem? Its been doing it for like a month now, started happening when I started playing Destiny.

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iceicelandic1300d ago

It's a setting under power saving. By default it's set to 3 hours.

ziggurcat1300d ago

you're right... i forgot they added an option to set the amount of time.

WitWolfy1300d ago

Aaaah, thanks for the clearing that up! Will check it out to see if I can lengthen it.

WoshJills1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Reinitialization could fix that problem, too, since it happened _after_ you updated to 2.0.

ziggurcat1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

what bug? edit: i've just not encountered it, it's not a dismissal of its existence.

Eidolon1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Hmmmm, this involves wiping the hard drive.. I think I will wait for a patch. The bug is a pain in the ass, but I don't need rest mode besides for charging my controllers.

MNGamer-N1300d ago

I'm going to just turn off the PS4 and use my phone charger for my controllers

Eidolon1300d ago

Yeah, I have so many devices around the PS4 that are capable of charging the controllers.

ps4fanboy1300d ago

Mines got it also but I'm without PC so I'll wait.