[MWEB GameZone Review]: Lords of the Fallen – Falling short of greatness

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Lords of the Fallen is a third-person, action RPG developed by Deck 13/CI Games and published by Square Enix.

The game borrows heavily from Dark Souls 2 in terms of combat and gameplay, yet lacks the mechanical tightness and difficulty Dark Souls 2 offers.

Lords of the Fallen falls short not only in terms of combat, but also with regards to stability and performance. These issues completely break any kind of immersion the forgettable world of Lords of the Fallen has to offer."

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HanCilliers1380d ago

And it won the Gamescom award for best rpg of 2014...

Sillicur1380d ago

Wow, now that is just sad. Dark Souls 2 is superior in every way in my opinion

HanCilliers1380d ago

Erh, DS2 didn't fall under the 2014 upcoming games as it was already released. Dragon Age: Inquisition should've won that award

Ultr1380d ago

because of one score it is not? c'mon....

HanCilliers1380d ago

You really think LOTF>DAI as an RPG?

Ultr1379d ago

Is the game out? maybe it sucks balls. I'm just saying
I think the game will be awesome, maybe not. so what

Sillicur1380d ago

Ah yes, it was already released! Good point. DAI is shaping up to be one of the best RPG's of all time, let alone this year, so i completely agree

King_of_Nothing1380d ago

The games not perfect, but a 5.5/10 is overly harsh. Its an enjoyable experience all things considered.

OB1Biker1379d ago

LotF is the game I m enjoying the most this year (more than Shadow of Mordor) very addictive.
When will people wake up with all these irrelevant reviews?

Aon1379d ago

For me this game is worth much more than 5.5/10 but everyone have own opinion and different expectation. I think Lords of the Fallen is very good game and it can be one of the gest RPG game on this year.

riverside6661373d ago

okay I understand that the game has some flaws, but the assessments 7..7.5 ... 8 rating is a surprising 5.5. The game is enjoyable for someone who has not dealt with the DS or did not want to upset every 30 minutes is a great solution. I do not recall that the developers wanted to make a clone DS so here you can tell that they are well managed. Besides my Versions Users PS4 there are no crashes, of course, after uploading the patch. As for me, the game is at a strong 7.5 but everyone has their own opinion.