Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PC Low FPS, Bad Textures, Unrecoverable DirectX Error and other Fixes

GameSmoke: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC version has many graphics bugs, errors and crashes. The Low FPS, Unrecoverable DirectX error, Bad Textures, Mouse Acceleration, Memory Errors, SLI Issues, Error during initializing, stuck downloading are major problems of latest Call of Duty game.

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decrypt1057d ago

After over a decade of making the same game over and over again they still cant get it right lol.

starchild1056d ago

What the hell are you taking about? There's one of these articles for every PC game, even though the vast majority of people play the games just fine.

decrypt1056d ago

Check another thread where they need a mod to play the game with dual core cpus.

Agreed most games run fine though.

Kidmyst1056d ago

Actually COD games have always run more stable for me on PC VS Battlefield. I've had issues with EA games but COD always seemed reliable. But then this new COD is by Sledgehammer who is new to the COD franchise. So that may be part of it.

Perjoss1057d ago

TotalBiscuit says its a very good port and he is never generous when judging PC ports:

Ace Killa 081056d ago

He does have a a Titan card.... a $1.000.00 card!

This is one gets a little bit extreme, especially at the moment it does not support SLI. I'm assuming it doesn't support crossfire also.

McMupp1056d ago

Well, so do I, and that didn't do shit. Still had all the bugs reported above. Hopefully the fixes will work.

awi59511056d ago

I want to buy this i have to admit just wondering how my dual R9 280x will play it.

CyrusLemont1057d ago

Pathetic considering how much manpower this company has.

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xenzibe1057d ago

This is talking rubbish. I am running this game on an i7 3770k and an AMD 7950. No performance issues or anything.

Totalbiscuit ran this on a Nvidia Titan. So it works on both AMD + Nvidia.

matt1391057d ago

pc master race lollllllll

Allsystemgamer1056d ago

This is developer side. I love how console only players always play that card when it's the devs fault.

matt1391056d ago

I bet my pc is better than yours. I would thrash you at any CS game so come up with another piece of logic mate.

Allsystemgamer1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

its not "bad" just sound mad and insecure. There isn't a single demanding CS game on the market.

Pandamobile1056d ago

Matt139 confirmed for 13 years old.

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The story is too old to be commented.