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Ultimately, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is one of the best iterations in the franchise, as it has found a way to reinvigorate its gameplay mechanics without deviating away from what has kept the series so strong over the years. Very little of the game feels lacking, as even though the story is standard fare for most military shooters, its presentation takes it quite far. Multiplayer is generally the heart and soul of FPS games like these, and even there Advanced Warfare keeps things fresh and with enough genuine content to keep players playing longer than ever before. Fans of the series will feel just at home with the new gameplay mechanics after a few rounds, and FPS fans who may be tired of the old formula will find about as drastic of a change as possible without the series losing its namesake.

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Foolsjoker1507d ago

I'm glad to see so much focus on the campaign.

Spinal1506d ago

Every year cod gets 9 and 10s and then people complain a few months later that it was the same ole same ole lol. History constantly repeating itself.

How's Cod Ghosts? It got the same review scores last year.

excaliburps1507d ago

Excited to the changes to MP! Can't wait to try this.

Ezio20481507d ago

I'm glad that the reviews popping up are sounding good. So excited to play it on my PS4. Damn!

PrimeGrime1507d ago

Glad? Is this not normal?

When does CoD ever get bad reviews really? Declassified is an exception. Even people who review the game harshly still always give it a reasonably good score, while any other game suffers from the same deductions gets way lower scores...

Realistically everyone can always expect CoD to get good reviews, even when it's bad or like I said suffers from problems seen in other FPS with way lower scores because of that, it still gets a very good review score regardless.

paddy951507d ago

Better than Destiny then.

martinezjesus19931507d ago

I am really digging it, but I see myself going back to destiny in a couple weeks

Hoffmann1507d ago

I want to dislike Call of Duty because it is so "mainstream" and was not very creative in the last years but seems this new one is really great.

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The story is too old to be commented.