Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Disc Install Error

Drew Koehler from Geeks Under Grace writes: When I brought home my Call of Duty Advanced Warfare disc tonight from GameStop I was met with severe disappointment as I could not get the game to install onto my hard drive. It would say “installing” and then go into “Queue” but nothing would happen.

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Niv1177d ago

Their AZURE cloud can handle it

3-4-51177d ago

Mine worked fine.

It takes like 4-5 minutes to get going though...

TheWatercooler1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

There also seems to be COD downloading issues on Xbone also. Along with disc errors I hope this doesn't become a wide problem for xbone at launch. PS4 is probably the way to go. Early reports also seem to suggest that PS4 has the better version

Kribwalker1177d ago

Sure it has a few more P's but you know,the fact that COD MLG is Xbox, DLC is out a month early as well would point to the fact that Xbox is where most hardcore and pro call of duty players will play, so I'd say your opinion is extremely subjective

NeoGamer2321177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

That's BS Sony fanboy.

So one guy brings home his disc and has an error... Given there are millions sold I would assume there would be a few issues...

As for the download there is nothing to substantiate this is a widespread issue at all as well...

As for PS4 being the better version that may only be a matter of opinion as early analysis seems to put them both at 1080p but the vertical resolution on PS4 is greater. But, the PS4 doesn't seem to keep a constant 60 fps...

And which platform is getting the DLC first again?

GoPanthers9991177d ago

Hey everyone, I learned a lesson on this one. When we install from disk AND the game has an online update, it takes forever to install. So I Googled it, and what you need to do is turn OFF your network connection, delete your install if you already started and install from scratch. Install takes 30 minutes at 54mbps.

blankieflocka1177d ago

Thanks! This worked for me.

jem0207901177d ago

I did all that but still even after that u have a 25th update and that takes sooo long for some

Ciporta19801177d ago

Come on guys lets not be mean here like people did with driveclub. People have spent their hard earned money on this game. To make light of this or get enjoyment out of it is not good. I for one hope this is a rare problem and not widespread so people get to enjoy the game they paid for.
If this does become a big problem how will they fix it? how can they patch the disc version to fix it if its not installed yet?

tlougotg1177d ago

Anyone want me to shareplay COD AW sp for a little i wont mind doing so this evening (eastern time). Oh crap sorry im in wrong thread, either which way i know some ppl here also own ps4 so let me know, just pm me.

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