Ubisoft Already Has The Perfect Excuse For Assassin's Creed: Unity's Shortfalls

The Games Cabin - "After a few hours with Assassin's Creed: Unity I can say with certainty that the game has its problems, but so do all others out there. However, Ubisoft already has an excuse lined up to rebuff the complaints from gamers."

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Bennibop1111d ago

Blame Abstergo!?! Don't even waste your time clicking through to this rubbish!

vishmarx1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

wow, i understand people dont like ubisoft for legitimate reasons but article this absolutely retarded lol
230° atm
writer wins

decrypt1111d ago

Ubisoft Knows:

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

They can release just about anything, majority of them will buy it.

GordonKnight1111d ago


You shouldn't use the 'R' word.

GordonKnight1111d ago

I see you disagree. Maybe that's why you have only one bubble.

rivencleft1110d ago


'R' word? Ooohhhh, reasons, I get it...

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TheWatercooler1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Quite simply the stupidest article I have ever read. It's about time N4G had a site filter. gamescabin, gotgame, gamepur, worldsfactory, gamingbolt all need to go

Concertoine1111d ago

Whatculture needs to go more than anyone.

Palitera1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

GameInformer and its 300 articles interviews.

They literally turn each question of an interview (regardless if the full interview was already posted) into another clickbait.

PS: N4G praises, lives, dreams with bad content, for this gives them more money than 10 constructive news. So if something changes, you can bet admins will make it much worse.

wannabe gamer1111d ago

clickthe site name under the "read full story" link and then click WTF and NO

frostypants1111d ago

Throw "dsogaming" and their stupid "look at Skyrim mod #44826673" articles on that list. Otherwise, great list.

Unfortunately, N4G seems to only exist to send clicks to those sites. We already know who the reputable sites are, and we don't need to come here to find them.

Palitera1111d ago

I meant Examiner and their rehashed (plagiarism, actually) content and their piece by piece interviews.

I NEVER give that pos site any hit.

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psvitamanfan1111d ago

Jesus, it was just a little joke poking funn at the fact that Ubisoft and Abstergo are one and the same, heck, Ubisoft used their own offices as the design for Abstergo in AC4. Lighten up people, not everything has to be gloomy, as gamers I thought you would appreciate fun.

UnHoly_One1111d ago

Everyone please remember to downvote this site.

This is terrible.

rivencleft1110d ago

Yeah I get it the person was joking with this article but it almost sounds like something Ubisoft would do now. "It's not our fault, it's the inception game company's fault!" Too bad they couldn't blame Abstergo for the Watch Dogs fiasco.

Love your avatar though, seeing that picture still makes me want to punch that dog in the face, if it laughs at me one more time I swear.

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Mikelarry1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

" If they had a decent sense of humour, I'm sure they could pull it off with some of the minor complaints and give fans a giggle in the process"

a Giggle??... a giggle.we are paying £50 in the UK for this game and with all the "complaints" and what do dedicated fans to the franchise get a giggle for Ubisoft bad practices. I was done with AC after brotherhood I am glad I stepped away from the franchise as soon as Ubisoft started showing their greed.

thunderbird861111d ago

I love how it's somehow greedy for a company to want a return on it's investment.

GarrusVakarian1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

There's wanting a return on your investment, and there's this:

Ubisoft are easily one of the greediest developers in this industry. They pump out their production-line garbage games, cut chunks of content out to sell later or alongside the main game, and then the games are still boring, been-there-done-that, glitchy messes.

If only they put as much effort into giving us quality, content-rich games, than they do trying to figure out the best way to bleed our wallets dry with every release.

Mikelarry1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

it is greedy when you start trying to shoe horn micro transaction in a game that has no need for it.

it is greedy when you start releasing the same title twice in the same year (acu and rogue) and please dont give me that "oh its because its on old gen and ubisoft really cares about ac fans".

you can go ahead and support practices like these, like you I have my opinion about these kinds of practices

GortJester1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Haven't you heard that being successful is evil? What do we all go to school for? What do we go to college for? To get a job that pays well.. and the ones that actually get there after hard work are crucified... what a ridiculous culture we have bred the last couple decades...

And to contribute a little more directly with this article: Stop complaining and speak with your money if it makes you that upset.

Lon3wolf1111d ago

I love how some people think it is acceptable for a company to release a sub par game.

AgentSmithPS41111d ago

Apologists say the darndest things.

thunderbird861111d ago

Then don't buy it. Funny how people do nothing but complain online, but they still go on to sell astronomical amounts. Making a game isn't cheap and it gets more expensive every day, and game prices haven't gone up in decades.

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Galletto31111d ago

So is it safe to say you are not 'avin a giggle m8?

Mikelarry1111d ago

Lol Nah mate as this is taking the Fooking pi$$ :)

rivencleft1110d ago

I agree, when I read that "a giggle", I though Oh hells no. Nothing funny about taking my money (rhymes, I know) by selling me a cruddy product when there are better things you can do with your hard earned cash. Ubisoft has gone down hill, unfortunately, since I've loved the Assassins Creed games since the first one, but even though I am eager to play the new one I really just don't want to give that money away to Ubisoft, like EA I feel like crap after I buy a game from them because now they're richer and I'm dumb for buying a shoddy product.

KentBlake1111d ago

How does garbage like this get approved?

Crazay1111d ago

Time to report this site as garbage. I actually feel dumber for having taken the time to check this out. Save your bandwidth. This is a lame attempt at humor.

Hipp01111d ago

I wish I had read the comments before clicking through and bothering to read that...

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