Feast Your Eyes with Two New Leaked Assassin’s Creed Unity PS4 Gameplay Videos

You can see graphics and visual quality are absolutely wow, but not have that much hype as it was at E3. As you can see dazzling daytime gameplay leaked via PS4 user showing good colour tone, nice textures and very much enhanced graphics, but it is not as same as they were extra realistic in E3.

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Snookies121295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Yeah wow, that was a really long load screen... :\

The game looks awesome graphically, but I really hope there isn't a lot of loading like that.

Tech4Gamers1295d ago

One more video added without loading screen :)

Snookies121294d ago

@Tech4Gamers - Cool, thanks for the video(s)!

Metallox1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

The battle theme is awesome! And speaking of that, battles seem harder, or I don't know if the guys who's playing is bad.

And in the second video it took 45 seconds to load. Seems like a lot, a waiting screen like in previous AC games wouldn't be bad if this is the case. Maybe it needs a patch or something.

Tech4Gamers1294d ago

As I have mentioned in the post.

The game is plagued with in-game bugs and glitches, most notably, NPC and texture pop-ins and color change. While these bugs are quite notable and can maim gameplay experience, so we can expect that the "Day 1 patch will fix these issues".

Riderz13371294d ago

Whats up with the weird sword attack thing? It leaves some sort of weird trail whenever you swing your sword, it seems very distracting to me.

Ju1294d ago

It creates blood splatters now...never done that before.

Walker1294d ago

Looks last gen to me with a boost in resolustion and better frame rate ! watch_dogs all over again :(

Ju1294d ago

If you think this is last gen you need serious reconsider your background in gaming. This is mighty impressive.

Tech4Gamers1294d ago

Same old, same old. Assassin's Creed has not truly evolved since AC2 and 80% of the game is the same recycled stuff, at least this should be better than AC3,4 which even had terrible stories and protagonists.

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The story is too old to be commented.