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Advanced Warfare is still your basic first person shooter that we all enjoy in spurts. The gameplay is polished and the online play is still just as addicting as before. What has made this experience different for me is the inclusion of a great single player mode and the added elements of creative weaponry and the new exo suit. If you have enjoyed Call of Duty every year, you will love this one and if you fell out of Call of Duty, you should really consider checking this game out as it really does change up a lot of what the series has been rehashing every year.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1266d ago

my brother did the digital download for ps3 but how do you get the free upgrade to ps4? I got mine physical form but if anyone can help me with that issue thanks.

TheNew11266d ago

Can't wait to play this later today!

guitarded771266d ago

I'm picking up mine Tuesday... I'm hoping for the best. I need a diversion. Seriously.

joab7771266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Another caught in the initial day 1...or should I say zero...hype.

First off, Treyarch didn't make this game, Sledgehammer did. Second, it IS a new engine that they are using.

As far as it being the best CoD to date, I'll hold judgement until 24 hrs pass, but I'm almost certain it isn't true. I immediately get the same feeling in single player, and it's no longer a good one, even with Spacey at the helm. I'd take the authors word on its length but since they were wrong on a few things, I'm guessing it may be similar inength. I just hate following a guy w follow over his head like I'm an idiot. We are never free to explore. And we are constantly told to do the most obvious things that the game still doesn't trust us to figure out on our own. Set pieces were great a few yrs ago, but now I'm expecting everything, so it's wow factor is basically gone. They are scripted anyway.

As far as multiplayer goes, it feels very familiar but different. I'm not sure yet. I like the customization. We will see, but I'm guessing that Dragon Age, Far Cry and Destiny will have my attention for this year's remainder. I think CoD needs a serious overhaul tbh.

PsylentKiller1266d ago

You're right about everything you've stated. However, a linear story and a bit more hand holding than most games is what I expect from Call of Duty. All the set pieces and Michael Bay influence is what I look forward to int he CoD campaigns. The mp feels very familiar which is what I like; familiarity. People played the different versions of quake and Counter Strike because it was familiar. They want familiar when it comes to the games they love. Battlefield got shit because it strayed away from what made Bad Company so great.

I think AW is the overhaul that CoD needed. I don't believe they should shy away from this formula that seems to be working quite well for them. I do agree that they should do something different, though when or if they do it should be under a different name. For example, keep the Advanced Warfare games the good old tried and true way they have been since CoD 4. But have the Ghosts games or whatever Treyarch is making be more dynamic in mission structure or completely open world. Maybe have the mp be a bit closer to what Battlefield did with Bad Company.

Also, there are a lot of great games that will probably pull my attention away from AW but I have the feeling that I will want to make time for this game. We will see how much that holds true when Halo: MCC comes out next week. Lol.

iistuii1266d ago

Like you say there's other games you can play if you crave a different type of game. But it's the familiarity that people look forward to. The sp set pieces & easy to pick up mp is what's made the game so popular over the years. They are in a position that they have a winning formula which sells better than any game out there, so why would they change it too much or give it an overhaul if it's what people obviously want.

DrDunc1266d ago

God, they don't even know who developed it..

PsylentKiller1266d ago

It's Sledgehammer, not Treyarch, that developed this game. But to stay on topic, AW deserves these high scores the game looks great albeit not as great as the cut scenes (maybe next year). I'm only two pr three missions into the campaign but it is fun and the storyline is intriguing enough to keep me interested. I stopped playing the campaign to test out the mp. I usually finish the campaign before I even touch the mp in any game but the double xp lured me in and boy am I glad I tried it early.

I love the gameplay of CoD mp, however, Ghosts was the first game that made seriously considered taking a break from CoD. Ghost promised so much and never delivered on any of it. Sledgehammer seems to have made due on the promises IW failed on delivering.

The graphics seem to be a generational leap above Ghosts. The sound of the guns are amazing. The level design creates so many strategical opportunities. I'm in love with CoD again. Treyarch is my favorite CoD developer mainly because of zombies but also because they introduced the Pick 10 feature to the series and Sledgehammer took that idea and improved on it. The customization of loadouts are deep as well as the cosmetic customization.

I think this is the game that will garner the attention of those who may have given up on the franchise. I believe it will get them excited again. When I started the campaign, I was wow'd by the visuals, the audio, and the feel of the game. When I jumped into my first mp match, an involuntary smile crept up on my face. When the match ended I was still smiling, even with my horrible K/D. That itch to play one more game, to unlock that next weapon, to get a new skin, to prestige is still present. This feeling reminds me of the first time I booted up Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


Yep...major improvement over ghost. Exo suits dont feel overpowered or hokey, seems to be balanced just right and the graphics are killer. Needless to say I'm very pleased with this year's cod.

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