Paid Expansions Disrespctful to Gamers

We, the consumer, hold some serious power! We dictate future iterations of game development and we drive the publishing companies, based on our buy-power, to formulate market plans. The publishers, not necessarily the developers, wish to create these new expansions to gain more money. Case in point, Destiny is made by Bungie and published by Activision. The new expansion, which comes out December 7th, I believe, will cost $19.99! I know the description of the expansion and I know it will not equate to this price.

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francisjairam161383d ago

I don't mind DLC as long as it has expansion to the game and more storyline and content I can accept that. But Day One DLC is something that should NOT be accepted because you cut out content from the game before its even release. And like you said with Destiny it felt like there things missing and then DLC is locked on a disc and that is just going way too far. So I think season pass DLC's need to die. 

oODEADPOOLOo1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

I like expansion DLC's adding content and supporting the dev, especially toward games you are really into, but it should be annouced a month or two AFTER the game comes out, that way it dosent feel like they worked on it alongside the game dividing their efforts instead on concentrating fully on the main product.

That said I will still pick up the expansion packs to Alien Isolation and prob shadow of mordor, but probably later on down the line, maybe when its discounted.

Joey_Leone1383d ago

LOL the game just came out, always online and now this? LOL watch the Bungie brand deteriorate.

Vaud-Villian1383d ago

DLC is what prevents games from being $69.99 this generation. They went up $10 when the xbox 360/PS3 generation hit, now it that cost increase is just reappropriated as an optional purchase.

I actually prefer it to a $69.99 standard, but thats just me I guess.

madmonkey011383d ago

expansions used to be designed to extend the life of a game after it had been on the market a while, not its just to make the publishers more money.

Athonline1383d ago

Definitely agree.

Day one DLCs and pre-order bonuses need to be dropped. I stopped pre-ordering due to them.

Look at Far Cry 4, comes with a "big-ass harpoon" day-one pre-order bonus DLC. So if I don't pre-order the game, I won't have access to an item already included in the game?! That kinda gives me a disadvantage or at least removes a tiny bit from my experience, doesn't it? Then again with the same game, if you want to play multiplayer, you pretty much have to "rebuy" the game by getting a "season pass".

Destiny, another grand example of a DLC-fest. Day one bonuses: Access to guns/piece of armor, pre-order bonus: faster speeder, collector's bonus: armor and ghost looks. All of these atm unobtainable to someone who joined in "late". The worst bit? The actual game was designed with the upcoming DLCs in mind, thus the DLCs instead of adding they are "completing" the game. In my view, as most updates in MMOs are, they should be free to all.

As a software developer myself I know that companies do plan expansions and updates in advance -they always did, but they shouldn't enforce them to people from day one of the game, as they do nowadays. Instead of a season pass, release everything a year after the game as a proper expansion. Want to keep the game alive? Give an extra map or something per term for free or allow users to create their own. But wait, if that happens, Ubisoft and Activision won't be able to milk costumers with AC and CoD annual releases...

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Ps4andxb11383d ago

The only way for the consumer to win is to speak with your wallets.

I knew i wouldn't enjoy destiny so i didn't buy it.


memots1383d ago

Disrespctful to Gamurz

KrisButtar1383d ago

The last DLC that I bought was Dragonborn or the Assassin's Creed 3 "what if" story. My back log of game is pretty deep and when I do go shopping I seem to find the games I want already have the DLC included in the Goty version. I have SR4 being mailed to me with all the DLC included for $20 new.

DLC used to be a good thing but now most the publishers have ruined it. Things that we normally used to unlock in games like costumes are now being charged, DLC on disc, characters from the main story taken out and being charged as DLC and to top it off they start making the DLC before the game is finished.

PatrickWebb1383d ago

I feel the alternative can be to create a movement. Far fetched as it may be, it is still possible. Look at GamersGate, a movement will likely change women's roles in gaming--and rightfully so. If you only use your wallet then your succumbing to the system. I knew from the beta Destiny may have some issues, I pre-ordered to grab it and play with my friends, valid reason? Not really! I'll stick with companies that don't disrespect until the movement shifts to no pre-orders and expensive expansions.

caseh1383d ago

'Look at GamersGate, a movement will likely change women's roles in gaming--and rightfully so'

Not to skew the topic in hand but isn't gamergate about the ethical standards of journalists, as in it has absolutely nothing to do with women in gaming.

PatrickWebb1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

check out stephen colbert's interview with Anita...

actually the opposite of what you just said, check out the video.

the definition is harrassment of women in the gaming industy--ethical standards in journalism will never be hollywood, sports, etc...

caseh1383d ago

It really isn't about the harassment of women in gaming. Sarkeesian isn't even a factor, she's piggy backed it for her own agenda which is a completely different topic altogether.

The whole debacle is off the back of people like Zoe Quinn having close affiliations, personal relationships with the people who are supposed to be impartial critics. Then the media brushing it off saying it isn't important and basically telling us, the audience to stfu.

PatrickWebb1383d ago

interesting, most of my reading has entailed misogyny. with something like this piggybacking is to be expected. I heard about Quinn, but thats in every journalistic medium. the movement i meant was the one occurring now with the misogyny. do i agree, not with all of it, but it is a movement nonetheless/

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