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Nintendo247 Author writes: If you’re looking for action, Bayonetta‘s got it. Not only does she have the moves, but she also has style to go along with them. There is no substitute for such brilliance when it comes to a beautiful title like this, and it’s easy to see why.

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Chupa-Chupa1117d ago

Bayo 2 is like 100 time better. Seriously GOTY!

Metallox1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

The game is going great for me. As of now I haven't seen those bast&$% Grace and Glory, the worst enemy pair of the original game, bosses included. Hopefully they don't appear in Bayo 2, especially their upgraded form.

Concertoine1117d ago

I think once or twice they do.

wonderfulmonkeyman1117d ago

I'm still having a hell of a time getting Platinum trophies...
I need to get much, much more sharp at split-second dodges.

PrimeGrime1117d ago

Loving it, still haven't completed the first enough to move to the 2nd. Plus I kind want to enjoy all the costumes, watching the cut scenes with them is pretty neat.

I really hope this game sells better than it did in Japan. Such a shame when games like this don't get the appreciation they deserve.

Concertoine1117d ago

The pre-orders ended at 83k which is already more than japan. However nintendo didnt ship much outside of pre-orders so i doubt its much more than 100k first week

illmatic1117d ago

Glad to see its getting great scores.

Adolph Fitler1117d ago

Unreal value for money, as both titles are included, & the 1st is a classic in every way, hence Nintendo's faith to have Platinum bring it to Wii-U as an exclusive....Ninty barely ever pay for exclusives, so that says something... I'm yet to play my copy, as I would like to finish 1 on PS3 before starting 2...that may not work out though.

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