USA Today's Evening Magazine interviews Jen Taylor talk about her role as Cortana

USA Today's Evening Magazine conducted an interview with the voice actress who plays Cortana, both as the Master Chief's personal assistant A.I. in the Halo Franchise and as the digital personal assistant on Windows Phone.

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jguzmanr811237d ago

She does not look anything like the Cortana I'm used to ;)

qwerty6761237d ago

seems like a person who generally enjoys life.

Ace_Pheonix1236d ago

She was really the only interesting character in the Halo franchise. And then they went and did what they did at the end of 4, so there's really no reason for me to care about the franchise at all any more. Masterchief is drier than a week old Thanksgiving turkey...

ScorpiusX1236d ago

So why comment if you feels so disappointed with the franchise.

Repjaws1235d ago

Is there a rule that states that he cannot express what he didn't like about the game or what put him off from the future games?Didn't think so.

ScorpiusX1235d ago

@Repjaws no rules , it that am not use to seeing people waste their time.
commenting on something that upset them especially in a comment section where it will be ignored, belittled or questioned like I did .

Ace_Pheonix1235d ago

I didn't say I felt disappointed by the franchise, it does what it sets out to do quite well. I said Cortana is the only interesting character. Aside from the woman she was modeled after, she's sort of the ONLY character. So if what others are saying is true and she may return, I'll be pleased. Otherwise, just running around aimlessly as the Chief shooting things, I feel like I'd become quite disappointed and more importantly, bored.

Darrius Cole1236d ago

You know they are going to bring her back, right? They have to.

That's probably what the next game will be about, the chief looking for Cortana. The question is whether the chief will get another A.I. assistant in the meantime. My money says "no, he will refuse to get another A.I. assistant until he finds Cortana.

Nolando1235d ago

You do know its 99% likely she will come back in halo 5 or at least allude to the fact shes still out there...

with the composer and forerunner technology my theory is she will either be brought back in physical form (as an Android) or be composed into an organic being.

Nolando1236d ago

Oh Cortana... Always will be the A.I. for me... even when she goes bat sh!z crazy! (halo 4)