How Long Will PS4 & Xbox One Console Generation Last

How long until the hardware gives out?

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1388d ago
Darkwatchman1387d ago

I hope the generation last no longer than 6 years. Ideally, I'd want this generation to last 5 years.

avengers19781387d ago

I was thinking 5-6 years too.

ipach1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

i actually think the move to x86 gives them an opportunity to bring in new generations even more quickly, and probably maintain some sort of backward compatibility going forward, a la PC. the starting price point of $400 is also reasonable enough where consumers will probably be ok with making another purchase like that more often - especially if it doesn't make their existing games become obsolete. i think the PS4's simpler unified memory approach is a bit more future proof and backwards-compatible friendly, but the outlook looks good on both sides of the question in my opinion.

I also think the advent of streaming and mobile will likely increase, not cannibalize, the appetite for consoles. there are always going to be the mavens of the medium who will want the better/best versions of this form of entertainment. also, there are sooo many creators out there now (though less big studios - but that's not necessarily a bad thing), so from a supply side perspective, things are rosy. there are headwinds, but not enough to believe there isn't another generation of consoles coming our way in time. (just my opinion of course)

Volkama1387d ago

Yeah I'm sort of expecting this to be the case. A "new generation" of consoles without the transition, because it basically just plays the same games at higher settings.

Voozi1387d ago

I really hope that the move to a more "PC-like" architecture means backwards compatibility will least for the PS5 and PS6.


5 years max. Life is to short for old hardware.

tlougotg1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

i was thinking no longer than 6 years and damn ill be in my 40's once new Sony hardware is announced (ouch %uck!!!!)

Next console (if it even is a console), will be mostly focused on streaming and not hardware. These few years are tests for the big two (Microsoft and Sony). Nintendo will still probably be hardware based given their more traditional approach and lack of advancement in regards to online features (this will actually be a positive for me, if so)

Max-Zorin1387d ago

Hopefully not as long as the previous gen.

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