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The Games Cabin - "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare treads familiar ground though does make an attempt to spice things up with the inclusion of exosuits. Tight gunplay and entertaining action-sequences still manage to impress whilst the graphics have seen a complete overhaul. It's Call of Duty, but not as you've ever seen it before.

If it's the story you're here for then you'll be left with a sour taste of disappointment, though hardcore fans will still enjoy the 5-6 hour world-wide romp. Just don't expect to be moved to tears by the end."

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WackoDaSniper1384d ago

It's a CoD campaign not a Naughty Dog campaign give it some slack its gotta be better than mw3 or bo2's campaign.

spicelicka1384d ago

Why is that any reason to give it slack? You can't just lower the standard just because the franchise has a history of bad campaigns.

Hazmat131384d ago

so not to defend the game but when people play the storyline to they try to compete it in the fastest time? or enjoy the set pieaces and the settings ?

psvitamanfan1384d ago

In fairness, I played through the story twice over the course of a week. First run was a bit of a rush but second time round i took a bit more time to gather collectibles and what not.

Ezio20481384d ago

Did you even finish the game? Your link manifests only an image of Kevin Spacey. No review. Stop trolling! COD has done some good in years and we are already deeming it another 'also ran'.

psvitamanfan1384d ago

@ezio20148, what are you on about? Of course i played the game, I wrote the bleedin' review, which isn't just an image of kevin spacey, maybe YOU should stop trolling.

ramiuk11384d ago

it reads like your a hater though dude.
Every part seems like your putting it down on everything and even the poisitve your doing in a negative manner.

3 p I c1384d ago

I'll wait for major review sites..

psvitamanfan1384d ago

What's the difference? Opinions are all different, no matter which site they come from, so long as they are fair and transparent then whats wrong with reading reviews from the not so big sites?


Heck ive been a huge opinionated gamer for 30 years. If i was better at language arts i could write them all day. Hell i gotta give my redneck rundowns instead to my buddies. Its all good man

BiggerBoss1384d ago

Why? Alot of the big sites like IGN gave Ghosts 8s and 9s and we know how that turned out. Im gonna wait till one of my friends gets it and use shareplay to try it myself:)

GearSkiN1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

If share play would even let u

franciscoaliberti1384d ago

I'm sorry but can anyone read the review? All I see is Kevin Spacey's image. There is no review in that link.

IIFloodyII1384d ago

Yes, but there's still a few Kevin Spacey pics there.

Clown_Syndr0me1384d ago

I thought they said this one was going to be much longer than previous games?

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