VGS- Developer Interview: Why Sunset Overdrive is the Most Fun you Can Have on the Xbox One

Do Games make you laugh?

This one will. The team talks to Marcus Smith Project Lead on Sunset Overdrive. It’s a game that’s aware it’s a game. Breaking the 4th wall at every turn. OH and it’s fun.


**(Sunset OD interview starts at 16:44)**

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Spid3r61387d ago

I must say this was a sleeper hit and its going to be a hell of franchise for MS.. its a game that is just do much... graphics are so impressive and can't believe the amount of characters that show up at one time!

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GodGinrai1387d ago

I dunno...Halo and FH2 offer just as much fun on xbox :)

Death1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )


On the Xbox One you can play games like Sunset Overdrive AND indies too. No need to trade your Xbox One in. If Forza's online element scares you, you can always turn it off. Did I miss any of your excellent points?

2cents1387d ago

**(Sunset OD interview starts at 16:44)**

I laughed out loud on many occasions on my first 3 hours on it last night.

This game has totally taken me by surprise, it's actually better than the hype led me to believe! I'll be home in 2 hours for a huge session tonight, gotta get some of those 'Amps'!!!

PureSophistry1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Adding that to the description. Thanks for the heads up! Also here's the Youtube link:

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