Wii U Weekly Deals: B2G1 All Video Games, Injustice $14, ZombiU $15, Wii Fit U Bundle $40 and more

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edgarohickman1269d ago

Is Assassin's Creed III worth $8?

jacobvogel1269d ago

Depends if you like the series.

Metallox1262d ago

What jacob says, but still, it surely worths that.

MSBAUSTX1262d ago

It really is. It actually looks very good on the Wii U as well. One of the better third party looking games from its first year next to Deus Ex and Mass Effect 3. For 8 bucks it is a steal.

Tom871269d ago

Toys R Us seems to be the only place to offer free amiibo with Smash Bros.

timothyckeegan1269d ago

Are LEGO games good? Never played any of these games before.

Metallox1262d ago

Yes. Only had the chance to play the Star Wars and the first Batman LEGO games but they were pretty good. And the recent ones are practically the same to the old ones, so the Wii U games should be good.

MSBAUSTX1262d ago

If you have to choose a Lego game though make it Lego City Undercover. It is really really good by any scale but especially for a Lego game.