First Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reviews arrive ahead of embargo

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reviews are embargoed for a few more hours, but copies are already in the wild and opinions are trickling in.

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RaptgamersUnited1058d ago

Love your website guys.. Approved

optimus1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

So many people disagree with you liking a website? Makes me wonder then what "perfect" website does everyone approve of? Hmmm.

I'm a little torn about this game as i bought into the hype that was Ghosts and bought it day 1 and it didn't turn out so well. But this is a different developer so i'm inclined to give it a chance...will wait for the rest of the reviews to pour in.

Skate-AK1058d ago

I guess you can say you are staying "optimustic"

n4gusername1057d ago

Walmart broke the embargo, so the place I preordered from did too. I was back on the road by midnight. (EST)