Evolve Big Alpha Impressions - Hunting The Most Dangerous Game | Short Pause

The Short Pause staff goes hands-on with Turtle Rock's 4v1 cooperative shooter, Evolve. Despite some hiccups that are expected to be discovered in an Alpha, there is plenty of potential oozing beneath the service. With the right amount of polish and post launch support, Evolve could shape up to be one of the first great games of 2015.

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PS4theplayers1357d ago

The Big Alpha is avaliable on PS4 right now

TheDude791357d ago

That's affimative, and it's extended until 3pm ET Tuesday, November 4th! Go play!

jhoward5851357d ago

I couldn't log in on evolve server on the first day it was released. I sent 2k over half a dozen of message regarding this issue.
Well, today I received a patch for the evolve alpha and still couldn't log in on 2k's server, it keep getting an error CE-34878-0 every time I do a search for hunts.

Sucks man.

TheDude791357d ago

Oh really? The PS4 version is still having issues? I haven't tried it yet tonight but I'm all too familiar with thay error code! Eventually it'll kick on, it's a pretty fun game when working together with others.

KrisButtar1357d ago

Same here. I get the "cannot create a multiplayer session"

Good to see you got into the alpha

jhoward5851357d ago

Yeah man, its frustrating because I haven't played a single game since the the release of the alpha.

Reefskye1357d ago

3 PC codes I have remaining:

chuck8261357d ago

Any ps4 codes thanks alot if you do

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