Uncharted 4′s Nathan Drake Is Still Being Perfected; Naughty Dog Developers Talk Creative Process

Recently Naughty Dog held a Twitter Q&A with Technical Art Director Teagan Morrison, Art Director Erick Pangilinan and Environment Artist Todd Foster aimed at students who would like to get a coveted job in the gaming industry and at Sony’s popular developer in particular, and they all gave some very interesting insight on the studio’s creative process and more.

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The93Sting1356d ago

Played all of UC from 1 to 3, played TLOU and god damn how beautiful that game is.

now THIS is the game that we all should be hyped for, and I'm actually really pumped to see some delicious gameplay.

*Greatness Awaits*

AndrewLB1355d ago

I find it strange how close to release this game is and not a single image or video clip has been released showing actual gameplay. They're probably trying to maximize pre-orders and wouldn't want anyone finding out the gameplay doesn't look remotely as good as the trailer even though some people on this site claim they are one and the same. lol

kalimero21356d ago

i know i'm in the minority but i'm most looking forward to UNCHARTED 4 because multiplayer. I played over thousand hours UNCHARTED 2 & 3 MP and it's best MP for me and the only one i play. can't wait for UNCHARTED 4 beta

Blackleg-sanji1356d ago

In no way are you in the minority my fy friend ppl love the multiplayer me included

MrSwankSinatra1356d ago

Hopefully it goes back to the U2 multiplayer formula. I absolutely hated U3 multiplayer. Nothing, but crutches for crappy players.

JP13691356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I agree, ND should put the focus back on map control and skill.

RedDevils1355d ago

You're not alone, Uncharted is by far my favorite MP game and with awesome single player mode

tekksin1356d ago

Studios like Naughty Dog are what bring respect into the gaming industry.

AndrewLB1355d ago

And that's the kind of comment you'd expect from a rabid fanboy. Reminds me of people who kept saying how "Sony loves and respects gamers"... while secret lying to everyone about how they had the exact same DRM as microsoft. lol. Once of these days you should take off those rose colored glasses.

The funny thing is, Naughty Dog lied to you guys last generation and you still type crap like that. Didn't you guys notice the massive downgrade with Uncharted 3?

OUROSMAG1355d ago

This game is the one that will move tons of PS4 units. Not through hype, but through a very dedicated fanbase, some of whom haven't made the jump to PS4 yet.