Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reviews - Good & Bad

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare release is still hours away, but you can already check out Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reviews for the PS4 and Xbox 360.

These Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reviews are ahead of the official reviews which are set to arrive at some point in the near future from a group event at Activision earlier this week.

If you are trying to decide if you should buy the game at a midnight release or even during the release week, you will want to read these Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reviews.

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ThunderPulse1387d ago

Official reviews should be renamed paid reviews.

cfc831387d ago

Opinions from those who have played both - this or destiny ?

tlougotg1386d ago

I only played a little before work today. To me the movement felt a little off and way different from say bo2 (which i loved) also maybe it was just me but the graphics looked kinda of washed on ps4 but maybe it was because i used my projector and it was daytime so it made image look that way. All in all it was still fun but damn you die and kill ppl super quick lol

venom061386d ago

there are defintitely gonna be some GOOD AND BAD reviews for this game..