Can MMO Hype Backfire?

One area of online gaming that every player is familiar with is the hype that surrounds every new game being released. We're barraged by developers telling us that the new mmorpg being developed is different from every other game that has come before. It has more features, boasts innovative gameplay, and has a truly immersive environment that every gamer can sink their teeth into. The hype continues to build through the use of carefully crafted videos, exclusive interviews with gaming websites, and favorable coverage by media outlets. The entire point of all this mmo hype is to get players jacked up about the new game in order to have them buy the game when it's released or to make numerous purchases within the game if it's f2p. Yet can there be such a thing as too much hype? Can player expectations become too high for a game that has yet to launch? In the end, can mmo hype backfire?

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