Sony Acknowledges Post 2.0 Firmware Update Issues, Gives Update On PS+ Lineup Announcement

Sony has been silent for a while after launching their latest firmware update for the PlayStation 4. This update was labeled as a major update hence it was called 2.0 firmware update representing a significant milestone for the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, some users started reporting issues with their PlayStation 4 after applying this update.

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Gaming247allday1295d ago

Between this and Driveclub issues, Sony is messing up lately

Ultr1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Between this and your last comments your trolling attwempts get more desperate lately

Unknown_Soldier1295d ago

Hahaha. "Attwempts"...makes him sound like a baby.

Rick_Ross_Boss1295d ago

Isn't trolling when you speak the truth, only some blind fan boys don't want to hear it

iSuperSaiyanGod1295d ago

You're life must suck if you sweat Sony so hard you can't see mistakes

Chris_GTR11294d ago Show
redwin1294d ago

Sony can mess up all it wants and most people will still say that Sony can do no wrong, because doing so will give MS some + . This is why having just one of the two is wrong. The console that you one gets complasive because that's all you got. You have no choise but take it and be happy with it. They sold enough units now, they are comfortable.

JMyers1294d ago

@Ultr ... sick burn LOL


How's he trolling exactly seeing how it's true, sounds like you're desperate defending your pwesious ps4... And as a ps4 owner it's sad to see you're just another fanboy that's too infatuated with nothing more than a inatamit object. People that agree with you seem to be nothing more than sheep... Even if he's a fanboy why lower yourself and make yourself look just as stupid? Look up the definition of trolling kid because even if he's a fanboy he stated the truth and stuck to the topic as well.

evilunklebud1294d ago

Sorry, but he is right... I hate this bug.

dantesparda1290d ago

Lol, rabid MS fanboys calling Sony fanboys,....fanboys. How ironic! Gotta love the fanboy mentality.

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Snookies121295d ago

Um, Driveclub isn't an issue with Sony, it's an issue with the developers.

GTgamer1295d ago

It seems people still can't put that together

WickedLester1295d ago

Funny, I have Driveclub and I'm having a blast with it.

Snookies121295d ago

@WickedLester - I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but it does look fun. Hopefully they get some things straightened out soon.

Yetter1295d ago

its an issue with evolution studios which is owned by Sony

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1294d ago

and those developers are under sony so it is

redwin1294d ago

Sony has the final approval on its content and some people still can't understa that.

gangsta_red1294d ago


So no one at Sony reviewed a copy of Driveclub when it was sent to their offices?

Sony just approved it all and rushed it to the market?

I doubt this, there's a process whether it's 1st or 3rd party that all games go through for approval before any game goes gold for a console system.

Evo is a 1st party studio, which means Sony is responsible for letting that game go out to the public in it's state.

gamer78041294d ago

well yes and no, its a sony owned studio, so in the end its on Sony's dime.

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MajorGecko1295d ago

i got reported for trolling for saying psn had issues and i had 23 agrees and 5 disagrees the comment section is wack

Jaqen_Hghar1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Congratulations for having other trolls agree with you. Doesn't make the claims of trolling any less accurate just because people agreed with you.

MajorGecko1295d ago

i am a gamer not a troll when my gaming is affect by a sub par network which i am paying for i will be vocal about it and not sit there and passively take it up the butt like ps3 owners did with party chat for ps3...btw i own a ps4

xHeavYx1294d ago

Your comment was "im glad the truth about psn is finally showing on n4g"
That does sound like a sad attempt at trolling

RedstonerMC1294d ago

Drive club thing wasn't entirely on sony, although yes that was a lot of shit, but Cut them some slack they're doing a lot. It's crazy going from underdog to being in the spotlight. I'm sure just like with the launch in time the kinks will work themselves out.

MajorGecko1294d ago

if sonys server's cant handle drive club and destiny, how is it going to survive GTA and COD AW??

chaldo1294d ago


Looks like AW is doing fine on PSN so far. Especially the digital download. (Y) :D

Gamer19821294d ago

Gotta love haters who latch onto news like this every time.. No firmware update is perfect for any console. There will always be problems when big new features are added via firmware as testing every single possibility is impossible. Even the WiiU has issues nothing is safe..

XanderZane1294d ago

The Masamune 2.0 update was total crap. Gimped thousands of gamer's PS4. I'm glad I had my auto-update turned off. I went onto my PS4 last night and installed a game and it was asking me to install the Firmware 2.0 update. Hahaha!! No, I don't think so.

kenwonobi1294d ago

I look at it this way. You sell 12 million in that small amount of time? There is gonna be more reports of small bugs within the very large pool of players than the console which has half the people on it to complain. Its just simple numbers.

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bigtrucknd1295d ago

I can't use rest mode. I have to unplug and plug in to get it to turn on. Hurry up and fix it Sony.

aceitman1295d ago

Listen do urself a favor and just turn it off till they fix it simple fix till then. Should be fixed soon

okmrman1295d ago

considering all the time they had to work on this update, they should have gotten it right

like, how can you forget to test rest mode?
but i am sure they know idiots like you will look the other way until they fix it. sony loves dumb consumers like you.

Army_of_Darkness1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


Let me get this right, you're calling aceitman dumb because he suggested using the alternative option of turning off the ps4 by selecting "turn off" instead of "rest mode"??
Wow, do you realize how stupid you sound?
it's not a difficult alternative bro considering it's no different from turning on and off your ps3.

On another note, Sony is on top right now but they need to stop slacking off and get their sh!t together before gamers start looking for their multi-player needs elsewhere...

aceitman1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

okmrman - ur reply shows ur moral's and I wont step to ur level because I stand proud and tall while I offered u good advice so u don't keep putting ur system in sleep mode and keep repeating the process , I can imagine what people around u have to deal with when talking to u.

@Army_of_Darkness bubbles to u , thanks .game on.

Sharky2311295d ago

I hate when people act like any kind of firmware will roll out with no problems. Driveclub has worked fine for me since I bought it. As for the top comment I wouldnt say sony is messing up. They've just had a few issues as of late. Evey company has them at sometime or another.

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ChickenOfTheCaveMan1295d ago

Same here, not that big of a deal, I just fully turn it off. I know Sony is working on it.

achmetha1295d ago

i changed the powered usb mode to always (in settings) and it fixed it for me.

bigtrucknd1294d ago

I tried that also. It worked the first time but the next time I went into rest it froze up until I unplugged the PS4. I don't trust rest mode anymore.

Anon19741294d ago

I'll have to give this a try as I'm experiencing this issue as well. No big deal as you can always just power it down completely instead of having it in rest, but it's a bit of an annoyance.

I read that it's sometimes fixed if you drop into safe mode and reinstall the update. I did that last night but haven't tried to take it out of rest mode yet today to see if it actually worked.

If it didn't, I'll try that powered usb mode thing and see if it helps until Sony throws a proper fix up. Otherwise, I just won't be using rest mode for a bit.

GTgamer1295d ago

See I had the rest mode problem once and now it never happens again anyone else in the same boat?.

Jaqen_Hghar1295d ago

Never had it at all lol. This is the internet making a big deal because every case gets an article no matter how many cases there are.

BoriboyShoGUN1295d ago

"Unplug it" dude just hold the power button down it shuts it down that way.

bigtrucknd1294d ago

I tried that. I've held it down for like 30 seconds and the yellow light just keeps slowly blinking. I'm just not gonna use rest mode until it get's patched.

DragoonsScaleLegends1294d ago

It's harder to fix things that are not effecting everyone. My PS4 has never froze up before or after the update while in rest mode.

Kidmyst1294d ago

I had this happen Saturday actually, let the PS4 run to come back and play after the Vikings game, PS4 had timed out and the orange bar was pulsing. Holding power even did nothing. had to unplug it, plug it back in and controller did nothing so I had to connect the USB cord to turn it back on. Immediately turned off the auto shut off to never. I normally do shut down anyways. No issues with the update until this happened.

SniperControl1294d ago

Turn off your automatic uploads and downloads in settings, this is causing the PS4 to loop. My PS4 boots from rest mode everytime now.

bigtrucknd1294d ago

That's the only reason to be in rest mode. I'm just shutting off the PS4 until it's fixed.

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mixelon1295d ago

Rest mode is working fine for me. I wonder how big a portion of us it's actually messing up for?

BoriboyShoGUN1295d ago

It locks up for me :( but after it occurred twice I started shutting down completely!

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Cra2yey31295d ago

My ps4 went into rest mode by accident after an hour without use. Crossed fingers while turning it back on and it did without trouble. Lucky. Although I turned off "connect to the Internet" idk if that prevents the problems.

nucky641295d ago

if you read this article, they didn't "ACKNOWLEDGE" update issues - they said they're looking into issues some are having. I imagine they're looking into it to see if there are valid problems.

KwietStorm1295d ago

They explicitly said they are aware of issues people are having, and they are working to resolve them as soon as possible. I think you missed something. I saw it on twitter myself.

AgentSmithPS41295d ago

A few times my PS4 wouldn't wake up, not from the DS4 or the power button. To 'fix' it I had to turn rest mode off by unchecking everything, otherwise I'd have to unplug it, which got old fast. IDK why, maybe it was because I had 'power to usb' unchecked before I updated.