Steam Passes 9 Million Concurrent Users in Sudden Traffic Spike

Steam is certainly a popular service for PC and regularly features millions of concurrent users. However, in a sudden spike of traffic, the service passed 9 million concurrent users.

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decrypt1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Steam has over 100 Million Registered users now. The strength of steam lies in the PC platform not having generations.

Unlike consoles which face a user base reset at the start of a gen, Steam has only carried on to grow this can be attributed to the PCs ability to have BC.

I suppose this is one of the reasons more and more developers which previously never brought games to the PC are now bringing their games to Steam. A 100 million user base is too much to ignore, even in the face of paychecks by console makers.

mixelon1357d ago

Yeah, it's really great seeing niche exclusive stuff like Valkyrie Chronicles reaching a wider PC audience too. :) PC gaming seems super healthy right now.

mixelon1357d ago

That was supposed to say Valkyria, stupid auto correct.

ATi_Elite1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Ok if Steam has 9 million concurrent users but that is just Steam you still have over 95% of MMOS not using Steam plus Origin plus Blizzards own network plus private and cracked servers which means 9 MILLION steam concurrent users is a drop in the bucket compared to the total global number of concurrent online PC Gamers.

Total PC online gaming community was estimated at 250 million going by online PCS playing games with off board gpu. (total community not concurrent)

Oh and the most played game in the world League of Legends has about 8 million concurrent users as of July 2014.

Pc Gaming is just a global monster with something for everyone and I'm happy and proud to be apart of it during its slow dial up start (mostly turn base games) to its supposed death (yeah I was playing the heck outta BF2 and Stalker online so I was dead to the world) and now to its unstoppable growth and global domination (too many great games not enough time in the day) .

Happy Gaming to all the PC Gamers and a warm welcome to all those with new rigs and newbie Pc accounts.

Enjoy all the various game genres, mods, and go to a lan party or two and most importantly be apart of a platform that has a STRONG voice and opinion in the gaming industry.

Happy Gaming

2pacalypsenow1356d ago

But devs still prefer/cater to the consoles so all those 250 million users doesnt do much

starchild1356d ago

They don't cater to consoles. It's just that games are so expensive to make nowadays that they need all of the platforms. The PC gets more games than any other platform anyway.

DevilOgreFish1357d ago

those are some impressive numbers, and that's just accounting for games and users that support steam.

The PC has definitely come a long way. with the help of valve and the pc community, it's become an excellent place to archive and play games.

Magicite1356d ago

Im a lifelong PC gamer, yet never had Steam account.

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inf3cted11357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Why are sales reports of console hardware and software news?

Oh yeah, for the same reason this is.

Myst-Vearn1357d ago Show
Vegamyster1357d ago


Not sure if you're just trolling or not but if you aren't you might wanna take your own advice and educate yourself.

"most PC gamers use old outdated PCs and barely run games on low settings"

"That's why PC gaming is so 'healthy' , millions of people with PCs from 2005 and they pirate stuff."

inf3cted11356d ago

Figured that that's where you came from. I'm going to spare my keyboard and not argue with minds like you.

okmrman1357d ago

why is it not news?
i say good for pc games and gamers alike

Pandamobile1357d ago

Not sure if stupid or just trolling.

So hard to tell on N4G sometimes.

user56695101357d ago

you noticed how console fanboys have the most bubbles and never lose them

ATi_Elite1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

A consoler talking about why is this news? Lol why is it news everything a console is shipped or sold or made or however Sony MS fudged the numbers to make themselves look important.

250 million PC Gamers worldwide and growing. Numbers based off of unique ip addresses stemming from internal hardware playing core games with off board gpu. off board meaning they installed a graphics card.

Plus it all coincides with yearly global AMD and Nvidia off board gpu sales. (does not include integrated or Console gpu sales)

Outdated PC? I know I didn't hear outdated when Xb1 and ps4 can't run bf4 at 1080p on day 1 and still struggle to do 1080p is even more of a joke.

Most Pc Gamers use medium to high settings at 1200p with mass. Low hardware survey because it's a fact that such a large number of laptops are connected to steam like my laptop is because like me most Pc Gamers have their main PCS offline or off steam.

I have a steam account and my hardware Survey went through my laptop not either one of my gaming PCS because I stream the games to them and other reasons.

Besides if your such a hard core console master race gamer then why even bother posting in a Pc thread? Don't you have some remastered games to buy again and play thru for the 20th time.

I got 600 hours in Arma 3 and it's never the same because of mods and a perpetual world along with 500 hours in Guild Wars 2 with new Content monthly.
Looking to put 1000 in StarCitizen upon release.

So a Pc from 2005 can still enjoy all pretty 2005 games and still run most MMOS and if it has a Nvidia gt8800 from 2006 then it still can play plenty of modern games today even on low.

You will have to spend another $400 to still game not too mention how many last gen consoles burned up on you? RRod YLOD?

Consoles have their place but their business model is to milk your wallet unlike Pc Gaming which allows you to upgrade when you want not when Sony MS say so.

So again why are you here master console race? Don't you have a last gen remake to play?

Next Gen didn't start with xb1 and ps4 it started when Elite Dangerous beta opened because right now Elite Dangerous is way ahead of the remakes and remastered games of ps4 and xb1.

DDR4 GDDR6 DSR 4k Eyefiniti VR you will get that in 10 years maybe meanwhile Pc Gamers have all this available to them now and GDDR6 gpu in a year or less.

Maxor1357d ago

Clearly a butt hurt fanboy.

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Rick_Ross_Boss1357d ago

That ladies and gentlemen is how to run an online gaming network

TheNew11357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Evolve alpha and maybe some other things. 9,000,000 online in 1 day is impressive though.

Pandamobile1357d ago

That's 9 million online at once. Steam doesn't publicly track daily users.

mixelon1357d ago

I wonder how much that would've been boosted if Minecraft had ever made it to Steam. Weird thought.

LogicStomper1357d ago

It would have been boosted by the population of people that have played Minecraft.

mixelon1357d ago

Well yes, lol. It's difficult to tell how many are on at any one time though currently, they don't seem to track it.

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