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When a new Call of Duty rolls into town you generally know what to expect, after all, when you have a winning formula that makes you a bucket load of cash each year, why would you mess with it? You wouldn't, unless of course the people who buy your games start to get fed up with the formula and sales suffer as a result. So what do you do to counter that? Appoint a new developer, making for a three year lifecycle for the series and of course, add new guns, technology and a kick ass actor.

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camel_toad1386d ago

7-10 hr campaign? Thats a nice change from the typical 4 hr campaigns theyve had.

Fizzerd1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Lol 4 hours. Congrats if you completed a COD campaign within that time.

You probably haven't touched a Call of Duty singleplayer campaign in years.

DarkOcelet1386d ago

Lol each COD on veteran took me 6 hours so when he says 4 hours , he is right .

HammadTheBeast1386d ago

lol, it's not hard at all to beat the campaign in less than 4 hours on the easiest difficulty.

Maybe 7 hours tops on veteran.

And yes, I've played all the CoD game campaigns.

kneon1386d ago

MW3 and Blops were the last two I played and as I recall both only took about 5-6 hours on veteran. So 4 hours on normal doesn't sound unreasonable.

RedDevils1386d ago

Fizzerd you just suck at COD for not completing in that time frame lol

TripC501386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Lol. I'm going to start and or end every comment with lol from now on.
Also, cod campaigns have always been around 5 hours for

chaldo1386d ago


Ooooh I sense some salt in your system LOLOLOL. Get real.

ZombieKiller1385d ago

Actually, unless you go through all the alternate situations in BO II, typically a COD campaign takes about 4-5 hours.

Lol Fizzerd....Don't know what game you're playing, or how bad you are at the game. I bet it takes longer...if you keep dying. Every COD campaign can be beaten in about 4-5 hours.

This game I heard was 5 hours like the rest of them. Nothing new. The game looks pretty damn impressive though. The graphics are top notch from all the videos I've seen. I might pick this one up as it looks interesting enough to amuse me for quite a while. We'll see.

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SolidGear31386d ago

Black Ops took me 9 hours on easiest setting

DarkOcelet1386d ago

Your kidding right ? If you said that on veteran then i would have believed you because of those pesky infinite enemy spawn locations but on easy ? Seriously man , was Black ops your first fps game or something =) .

Dvalk1386d ago

Sounds great I can't wait.

ScaryMonkey1386d ago

Might pick it up after a price drop.

higgins781386d ago

Who buys COD for the 'campaign' - these days? Personally, I've never bought a COD since [email protected], which I will say was wonderful. I might give this latest version a look, though I probably shouldn't...I have hoards of games (retail and Steam) of which I've barely scratched the surface.

donthate1386d ago

I used to buy CoD for the campaign.

From a cinematic and experience point of view there aren't many games that matches CoD in that department.

BoriboyShoGUN1385d ago

Yeah I never purchased them in the past for the campaign neither. It was all about the multiplayer, but they've gotten so bad over the years. It's going to take crazy awesome reviews for me to even start thinking about looking at another COD game.

DaMonkeyBoy1386d ago

I do.. I buy CoD games mainly for their campaign cause internet sucks over here(Africa). So i don't get to play the multiplayer.

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