Assassin's Creed Unity Leaked GIFs Shows NPC and Texture Pop-In Bug

It had been reported before that while Assassin’s Creed Unity was only a couple of month away from its launch, it still had many bugs and glitches during development. Now it looks like some of these bugs have managed to make it into the final build as some users, who have acquired the game early, are reporting NPC and Texture pop-in bugs. You can check these bugs out in the GIFs shared below

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SaveFerris1384d ago

Can these issues be rectified by patching?

Frisky1384d ago

Of course they can be. The game is not officially out yet so there is no support from Ubisoft right now but it is expected that the Day 1 patch for the game will fix several reported bugs and issues.

ion531384d ago

Sorry. Accidentally disagreed. I totally agree. Going by the history of the AC day 1 patches

codelyoko1383d ago

What you see here is a software implemented 'Polygon Culling' technique to maintain a high enough frame rate. By the time the game is released:

1. This will either happen out of sight
2. Graphics will be downgraded a bit to allow for more polygons.
3. The engine is currently not fully optimized so more optimization will result in more NPCs on screen.

The93Sting1384d ago


a game should be released COMPLETE, meaning it has no bugs (VISIBLE ones like this), no BS. but hey, it's ubisoft we're talking about here

Pandamobile1384d ago

There's no such thing as a bug-free game in 2014.

starchild1383d ago

Show me a bug free game.

codelyoko1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

It isnt really something to be worried about (if you ignore Ubisoft's x100 exaggerated claims of being able to support thousands of NPCs). There is a very limited polygons that a renderer computes. Any polygons above that are automatically cut. Usually this cut occurs as far away as possible from the player so USUALLY there is some static entity blocking your view.

By the time this glitch is fixed, you wont see the "bug" but it will still be happening, somewhere out of sight :)

Cra2yey31384d ago

why are games getting released so early lately?

Dudebro901384d ago

Two weeks is pretty standard.

Meltic1384d ago

But how can they have the copy so early ?. Have ubisoft shipped the games 2-3 weeks Before the officialy realese date?. I mean does the game Sellers have the copies inside the store right now ? . Same as FC4 ?

Sketchy_Galore1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

If it was anybody else I would suspect this was a one off issue but since it's Ubisoft I have to at least suspect this is another symptom of Ubisoft not giving a damn if the game itself is a poorly constructed shallow repetitive mess as long as you can make some good promo videos and press releases for it.

codelyoko1383d ago

This is the result of Ubisoft over hyping the game engine's capability to handle tons of NPCs. It cant. This is not really a bug but a problem of not hiding the Polygon Culling effectively. Should be fixed by the time it releases.

osprey191384d ago

Any one who gets hold of a game before the release date should expect some bugs and glitches, this will be rectified on the day one patch, especially with the new gen consoles, it happen quite often last gen too.

Meltic1384d ago

thats why its bad too play ''too early games'' Before releases... the bugs and glitches. Without a patch the game could crash and much more..

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