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VideoGamer: "Mixing futuristic tech with established fundamentals, Sledgehammer has created the first truly impressive Call of Duty in years."

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the_mack_attack31387d ago

Good review, like how you got things in like a ninja!

dasbeer881387d ago

I'll be expecting a 10/10 from IGN tomorrow or sometime this week.

martinezjesus19931387d ago

Ign has never given COD a 10, this is just as annoying as 10/10 Cod comments on their FB page

dasbeer881387d ago


Well keep getting more annoyed then. :)

martinezjesus19931387d ago

@dasbeer88. Wow, awesome comeback man.

IxWoodstockxI1387d ago

I'll be expecting you buying the game tomorrow. GAME ON PEOPLE!!!!

FITgamer1387d ago

Doubt it. I expect the same as this review 8/10.

mikeslemonade1387d ago

COD haters are actually the casual gamers that don't even know it lol

BF and Halo are less playable but the casual gamers keep thinking they're better games. It's old news to hate on COD.

Ikonic1387d ago

The dude above me is in denial.

user55757081387d ago

they put cloaking in the multiplayer...

abhidev1111111387d ago

ha ha ha YOU ARE RIGHT IGN NEVER GAVE 10/10...BUT THEY HAVE ALWAYS GIVEN 9 OUT OF 10 OR MORE.....dude have you ever played any game other than call of duty??ever heard of skyrim?civilization?total war...huf call of duty is destroying every other small game studios (have you heard of a game called kingdom of amleur reckoning)(do you know what happend to them? bey stealing peoples money by making same old stuff from 2005(although modern warfare was great)

quenomamen1387d ago

Depends on the check clearing.

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madmonkey011387d ago


or gamers that like quality and innovation.

Father__Merrin1387d ago

cant wait for this to come in the post, the multiplayer looks amazing on PS4

thrust1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Multiplayer on the ps4 hahahaha good one

Why because am bored in work and it's fun and kills time winding you guys up :)

GTgamer1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Omg your trolling is excessive these days u wonder why.

So that's how you get your sick kicks Lol its pretty sad at least you don't have to wonder why you have one bubble.

DeadlyOreo1387d ago

Can't wait to pick this up on my PS4. It's going to be amazing to play on the PS4.


(Does that wind you up thrust? I can see the vein on your forehead)

masterfox1387d ago

So you have a job ? aww thats good but sad you can't afford a PS4, gotta work harder my lazy friend ;)

TheWatercooler1387d ago

I think he is just sour because it's 1080p 60fps on PS4.

Xbone is unfortunately inferior. He can't handle that so I he has to find something to troll about. Sad really

user55757081387d ago

god i wish i had that kind of free time at work

Kornholic1387d ago

PS4 > Xbox One in every aspect, especially multiplayer. U mad bro?

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76erz241387d ago

Yeah it looks amazing ONLY ON PLAYSTATION!!! ////s/s/s/s/s/s//sss

DirtyLary1387d ago

Looks good on both consoles Hope that PSN holds up.

Saito1387d ago

Stealth trolling at it finest

DirtyLary1386d ago

Except what I said holds water.

Stealth jelly detected.

zeddy1387d ago

i was really skeptical at first but after seeing a lot multiplayer gameplay on twitch earlier it actually looks good. the jumping/boost mechanic looked really gimmicky at e3 but it just look like something to get you to your destination a bit quicker.

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Special-Agent-Milo1387d ago

Cool! Can't wait to play the campaign.

Anon19741387d ago

I've always been a fan of COD single player campaigns. In the past I've bought COD games and not even touched the multiplayer. And getting trounced by mouthy 12 year olds isn't exactly something this old guy finds entertaining these days.

Sounds like there's a lot to like about this entry in the series, at least according to this review. Looking forward to picking this up on Tuesday.

cell9891387d ago

I stopped playing multi-player after black ops 1, but I always do the campaigns on veteran too. If anything the campaigns have always been good

Anon19741387d ago

@cell989. Never played the multiplayer in Black Ops 1. Modern Warfare 2 was the last time I really got into COD multiplayer, back in 2009, 2010. I put a couple of hours into MW3's multiplayer but that was about it.

I think I'll take AW's multiplayer for a bit of a spin but I'm most looking forward to the campaign.

LamerTamer1387d ago

I usually buy COD and play the SP too but this time I will pass. The campaign mode is just too short on these games to the point of being a ripoff. They must put most of their resources in MP. It may be good for a rental though.

Bathyj1387d ago

They should offer this game digitally with single player separately. I want to try the campaign too but it should be a decent length. The original games were all about the campaign, it sucks the MP got so popular and became the main focus.

But they wouldnt do that, because then people would want MP separately and thats all most of them would buy and Activision would lose money.

the_mack_attack31387d ago

I'm the same dude, love the Call of Duty campaigns! Going to play it on Veteran from the get go!

Blackleg-sanji1387d ago

And so it begins!! Cant wait to play it

Ps4andxb11387d ago

Decided to go for the xb1 version.

Love my ps4 but the controller nails it on the xb1 and i have more faith in live working than psn at the moment :) :)

Immorals1387d ago

I find it uncomfortable playing with symmetrical sticks, gives me cramps. Hence why I've loved every controller I've owned since gamecube!

Fez1387d ago

It's impossible that it would be the symmetry that is the cause of the cramps.

Immorals1387d ago

@Fez I had an accident with a beer keg, my left thumb doesn't bend like it used to, the ds3 was unbearable to me! Ds4 is much better though

Fez1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

So it's not the symmetry then? I don't dispute that some people will find the position of the left stick on the DS3 and 4 uncomfortable and I guess the right stick on most controllers, especially if you've injured you're hand... but it's not the symmetry which is causing it. It's just the position of the stick(s).

Fez1387d ago

Sorry, just my pedantic brain going into overdrive...

ITPython1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

DS3 and DS4 sticks are in the exact natrual resiting position of the thumbs when you hold your hands limp with fingers curved inward (like when you hold the controller). So not sure why you, or anybody, has problems with the PS controllers aside from jumping on the bandwagon of "PS controllers sux!".

Could possibly be because many people have no idea how to properly hold a PS controller, it's meant to rest in your fingers, not be gripped by your palm (DS4 is slightly more in your palm than the DS3 though, but its still meant to rest in your fingers, not be gripped fully like you do with a 360/XB1 controller).

The controllers grips should not be cradled in the middle of your palm, if they are then you are holding it wrong. DS4 should sit on the top of part your palm (on that 'meaty' area just below the fingers) and rest mainly in your fingers.

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LucasRuinedChildhood1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Really? The Xbox One controller feels too small and compact to me. The ridges of the analogues stick into your thumb, and most of your finger uncomfortably hangs over the triggers (I even have relatively small hands). It feels really awkward to me. I was thinking if I'm going to buy an Xbox One for the exclusives, I'm going to have to buy the CronusMax so I can use a PS4 or a 360 controller.

PsylentKiller1387d ago

The Titan One is the new version of the CronusMax. But if your gonna get it to use the opposite controller, using a DS4 on a Xbox One is the better way to go as all the buttons are useable. Using a Xbox One controller on the PS4 doesn't work on many games due to the lack of a touchpad.
Headsets don't work either when using the Titan One. You'd have to use the Kinect to chat. Other than that, he Titan One is a pretty cool device that's relatively simple to use.

MRMagoo1231387d ago

There are no dedicated servers so I cant imagine live will help you.

brotherlymoses1387d ago

Same here, I prefer the X1 controller over the dual shock 4, especially for shooters. For some reason my thumbs keep slipping of the DS4 thumb sticks and the the triggers don't have that solid trigger feel like the X1.

Benjammin251387d ago

Fair enough. I'll be enjoying it on PS4 in full 1080p. :)

Ps4andxb11387d ago

Both are at 60fps too :)

brotherlymoses1387d ago

Enjoy the extra 180p :)

Next week I'll be enjoying halo MCC :)

Letthewookiewin1387d ago

@Bro Halo for the millionth time. Great games but no thanks.

darren_poolies1387d ago

Each to his own but my flatmate has an X1 and I hate the controller, the analogue sticks are way too loose and I'm not a fan of off-set analogue sticks at all.

ger23961387d ago

C'mon, who are you kidding?

DirtyLary1387d ago

Agreed. XBL reliability and the controller won me over. PSN lately is proving my decision was the right one. Firmware, DriveAlone.... you'd think they got it figured out being the forth console.

cell9891387d ago

Your level of stealth trolling is uncomfortable and amazing at the same time.

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