Murasaki Baby Developer’s New PS4 Game “Perfect Fit for PS4;” a “Huge Step” for the Studio

A couple weeks ago Murasaki Babyy’s developer Ovosonico teased a new PS4 game in the works, and absolutely nothing about the game is known at the moment. Recenly DualShockers asked Creative Director Massimo Guarini about the upcoming PS4 project.

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scark921267d ago

Damn, cannot wait to hear more!

NewMonday1267d ago

hope it's something like Shadows of the D amend, they were main developers on that game.

acdramon1267d ago

I hope they make another cool and unique game! Best of luck to them.

slinky1234561267d ago

Did they do well with Murasaki? It seemed that most people were very disappointed by it. Mostly with the controlling.

Fullmetalevolust1267d ago

It's awesome that they develop games with the tech for the platform in mind.
"For us the idea comes before the technology and the platform. PS Vita was the natural and perfect platform for Murasaki Baby, because it’s a touch game and the core mechanic is actually grabbing hands. The next thing has a totally different approach so it’s a perfect fit for PS4."
I can't wait to see what they have down the pipe line, such an interesting art design approach.

Rimgal1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

They hired Riccardo Landi from Ubisoft. So it will be interesting to see what they are planning to do. My guess it's a Morpheus game.

A little off topic here but didn't Dinosaurum Games promised a Without Memory trailer to be showed to the public in october? Did I read it wrong or did I missed it?

Abriael1267d ago

Latest thing they said is that they're still working on it, and won't say anything more until it's ready.