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nX1264d ago

Great news, but I will only buy the season pass after the content has been announced. Previous CoD DLC's were a bit hit or miss lately.

Intentions1264d ago

Hmm yeah. Hopefully zombies is good, black ops 2 zombies were average compared to black ops.

BlissSeeker1264d ago

Them disagrees.
I agree, Black Ops zombies were much more fun than BO2 zombies.

BiggerBoss1264d ago

Its great news that we have to buy the season pass to get zombies? Erm okay...

nX1263d ago

One could argue that the game already offers enough content for it's price and it's good that they listened to fans and work on a proper Zombie mode.

Dirtnapstor1264d ago

Yes, Ghosts sucked. The only thing that made that purchase salvageable was Extinction, but there again, not for $50.

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Fizzerd1264d ago

Ah, we only need a season pass for Zombies. That's €60 + €50 a.k.a. a whopping 139 dollar to play Zombies (and not that 5 minute bonus round from Survival Mode).

Thanks Activision. Skipping this one, maybe next year.

DeadlyOreo1264d ago

So you're just getting Call Of Duty for Zombies then? Considering that's Treyarch's thing, you'd be picking up one Cod game every three years.

It's not really Activision's fault, you already get a survival mode in Advanced Warfare.

Fizzerd1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I know, I buy COD for the singleplayer and sometimes multiplayer, but it's crazy they didn't put Zombies in the game in the first place, since that was someting the community was asking for and they knew it. They also knew many people didn't like Survival Mode.

Asking people to pay 50 dollars to play Zombies is just easy cashing. I know they don't HAVE to buy it, but still.

Edit: bought every main Call of Duty game since 2003 ;) Could care less about Zombies, though it's a nice addition to the games.

MetroidFREAK211264d ago

If you play CoD just for zombies... Then you need to stop playing Call of Duty

tlougotg1264d ago

How is this great news? Are thy saying zombies can only be plyed if u buy dlc? If so tht is messed up Bcus zombies were in cod games not just in dlc.

luxtronix1264d ago

right! WTF? this is bool***t, manufacturers are beginning to make moves toward the hideous players and people like it? what?! sharing on the part of the game for which you have to pay, just great game will soon be in 3 parts DLC, singleplayer, multiplayer, and the rest, this is real booosh$t.

lifeordeath6171264d ago

i cant believe the season pass is $49.99 USD lol. i didnt think they would go that high

Mikelarry1264d ago

Never cared for zombies but god damn this is greed at its finest.

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