Developer Outright Attacks Jim Sterling

The developer behind The Slaughtering Grounds was recently the focus of a video by Jim Sterling and they didn't take his criticism all too well. They ended up responding appallingly by outright attacking Sterling with a new video.

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mixelon1357d ago

I liked Jim's video attacking the developer's video that attacked jims original video. (Whuut)

How not to make games, or do games PR.

Snakester951357d ago

Yeah it's nice to see Sterling's thoughts on the matter but man, that developer really went all out. Attacking a reviewer/critic won't help your cause, you might as well just punch a journalist.

mixelon1357d ago

I suspect a few people here's eyes lit up at the thought of punching journalists. XD

Yeah, I think that dev will likely regret the entire episode when they've thought it through, haha.

radler1357d ago

Developers of shitty games tend to be very aggressive regarding criticism. Case in point: Those dumbasses who made Paranautical Activity and ended up getting their game removed from Steam because they're literally psychotic.

I like to think that their games will be so poorly received that they'll make no money and be forced to give up game development.

Spotie1357d ago

Sorry, devs. You can't have an opinion on his opinion.

DefenderOfDoom21357d ago

Maybe, it is the developer, trying to get more exposure for his game?

Snakester951357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

There is always the all publicity is good publicity. But, it's debatable depending on the situation. In this case I think more people will learn the name of the game, but it won't affect purchases positively.

BattleAxe1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I'm not sure what they expected, since the game really doesn't look all that good in my opinion.