COD: Advanced Warfare Pre-Load Glitch On Xbox One Wipes Full 46 GB Install, Restarts Download Again

GearNuke: "Hopefully you are not the victim of this pre-load glitch on Xbox One."

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vishmarx1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

physical version 4ever!
among other things there just something about opening a new game case youve been waiting forever, for the first time.
its like a treasure box
and digital is like treasure delivered into your pocket. convenient but far less exciting

MajorAly1358d ago

But if that 'treasure box' costs $80 (in my part of the world) and the Digital versions costs $60-$70,then what would that person do?

MRMagoo1231358d ago

well the disc version can be resold and make that difference back easily when you are done with the game, COD games hold their resell value for a long time, try doing that with digital.

annoyedgamer1358d ago

What part of the world do you live that digital is cheaper then physical? I have never been able to purchase a digital copy for a lower price than physical close to release.

jspsc1231358d ago

@ annoyed the evil within was just on ps+ for cheaper than retail version.

4Sh0w1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

All Digital since day 1, never had any issues and never looked back= waaaaaay to convenient to go back to physical, ewww, next you'll tell me to buy my music on an 8 track, lol.


Bathyj1358d ago

Nearly every game is more expensive digitally in Australia and they stay at that price for a lot longer.

JBHiFi has pretty decent prices on physical copies and they drop fairly quickly too.

I'm never going all digital.

Ps4andxb11358d ago

In my part of the world, digital versions are more expensive.

Where do you live?

ramiuk11358d ago

with me if its a yearly sports game etc i would go digital if it was cheaper.

but digital has gone from claiming it would cost less and we wuld save,to charging more as its suposedly more convienient.

by law digital should be cheaper by at least 20% because of the savings.

andibandit1357d ago

Alot of people I know(living in Europe) are Creating U.S. accounts for the sole purpose
of getting games cheaper

60$ us, beats the physical price in ANY EU contry.

geddesmond1357d ago

Buy online. I was buying digital for awhile at 70 euros a game because my work schedule is always different and picking up games can be hard as Sunday could be my day off and just buying and downloading was so easy.

Thats until I bought 4 games this gen at 70 euros digital that were crap so thats 280 euros I'll never get back. I then noticed that games are 75 euros in shops here in Ireland and I said F that.

Went online and so far I bought Shadow of Morder for 58 euros including delivery, The Evil Within for 60.53 including delivery and I just bought COD AW on Amazon for a total of 58 euro including delivery. Walking past gamestop on Saturday they had a sign outside with how much they pay for trade ins and Gamestop are giving 40 EUROS for SOM and TEW.

KiwiViper851357d ago

In my part of the world, a digital game costs $100, but I can find physical for around $70.

Add that to the ability to resell for $60 easily and I have ZERO reason to buy digitally.

MajorGecko1357d ago

in canada al digital games are 8-10 dollars dollars cheaper cos psn charges no tax :) im all digital i have yet to even insert a disc into my ps4

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Masterh0ppa1358d ago

Digital is the way to go sir.. It's the future.

MasterCornholio1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

A future that was widely accepted by consumers when Microsoft announced the Xbox One.


Really its consumers who have to accept it first before it becomes standard in the console gaming industry. Firms can't force consumers to accept it.

x_RadicalAura_x1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Thanks, but no thanks. :)

You're gonna have to pry physical media from my cold, dead hands. To me, physical easily provides the most sense of "ownership," freedom to sell, trade, loan to a friend, etc., and nostalgia. Putting a new PS4 game on the shelf next to the other PS3, PS2, and PS1 games is just something digital will never be able to replicate.

I'm a collector and want the security of knowing I can play any of my games 10+ years out into the future, if I so desire. Once again, something that's easily achievable with physical, not with digital.

smellslikeralph1358d ago

for you maybe but not for me. i bought sunset overdrive and beat the crap out of it then sold it on craigslist for 50 bucks.

so I pretty much paid 14.00 to play the game.

1358d ago
CernaML1358d ago

^What are you talking about? It was in the description plain as day. Playstation users can access their cross buy version AFTER the game releases on TUESDAY.

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x_RadicalAura_x1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I agree.

shloobmm31358d ago

There is nothing exciting about opening a game and then waiting to have it install on your console( it's not like they have expansive manuals anymore to read), preloading is the way to go now.

x_RadicalAura_x1358d ago

Some people have ISP caps and/or heavy unavoidable ISP throttling. Also, can you guarantee that you'll be able to play any of your digital games in 10+ years?

Linkz9731357d ago

not only that but that new game smell (*o*)

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nX1358d ago

If that happened to me on launch day I would rage against the machine :D

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I just wouldnt buy any every year annual franchise digitaly. And that shit would make it suck. Gawd i couldnt imagine

FITgamer1358d ago

I can testify on that. I'd rage like bulls on parade.

Dark_Overlord1358d ago

How does stuff like this ever get over looked?!

I'd be severely annoyed if this happened to me >:(

Then again I'm one of those physical > digital :) But still, I feel sorry for anyone who get gets this glitch.

Intentions1358d ago

Oh man that sucks.

I would probably cry if that happened to me. Kind of makes me to worry about the MCC digital version.

BX811358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

So did mine then I'm back to 0%. I'm not in the preview program either. Started to download it again I turned my xb1 off when it got to 2% just turned it back on and it's at 1%. Fucking stupid if you ask me!

Mustang300C20121357d ago

I spoke to soon last night 11pm central time my game wen to update/stuck. Reinstalled and played the first campaign level and let it finish overnight. I am in the preview program.

BX811357d ago

Lol. Sux. After I reloaded no problems. I see cod still refuses dedicated servers.

Mustang300C20121356d ago

Been fine playing and no problems with Online play for me. I have had no disconnects. The only issue I have is sound cutting out in single player. Probably due to being in the preview program. They are quick to get it sorted out.