CraigheadProᴴᴰ► - Will FPS Games Like Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ever Die Off

When will the FPS Genre finally burn out?

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Rimgal1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

You will laugh at people that will buy a game that you don't personally like? WTF

Does it affect you that other people like games that you don't?

scark921302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Well I think the series needs innovation, real innovation, not jetpacks... and its true if sales decrease, COD will need a new change of pace.

Rimgal1302d ago

Everyone has the right to not like the game. But laugh of people who like it? C'mon that's pretty low.

I do not like racing games. Does it mean they are bad. No of course not. It just means that I don't personally like. I'm not going to laugh of the people who do, just because I don't.

Fireseed1302d ago

Innovation? I play CoD to play CoD... If I wanted a whole other experience... Id pick another franchise.

zodiac9091302d ago

He laughs cause you're sheep.

Rimgal1302d ago

Says the guy that goes to a COD article just to hate on the game. Didn't you get the memo yet? COD is not the cool thing to hate anymore. Now you and all the kids can go and moan about that game too.

And by the way hating on a COD game, and calling other people haters because they hate Destiny makes you an hypocrite.

Your words.
"People need to shut the fu*k up about this game being "Overhyped" The game is fun an addictive. Thats the bottom line that everyone should understand, yet people feel the need to keep wasting their time SHlT talking!" #14
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dreamed1302d ago

In a way it does affect us,all our fave tactical games have been dumbdown for the nooby run n gun cod players,who cant grasp actually having to think about there next move,and just want to spam triggers over & over...

Rimgal1302d ago

And COD is to blame about that? Or maybe is the other companies who try to imitate COD with a delusional idea that they can make the same sales of COD? You should be complaining to the developers that instead of creating something new, they choose to use the easy route, and copy other people success.

Fireseed1302d ago

Oh god! Actually watching the video is just nauseating, it's like watching a JRPG fan describe why they dont like action games. Or a fanboy describing why they dont like the comepeting platform... a bunch of uninformed nonsensical garbage spun as industry wide fact.

Here's a few gems:

"First person shooters are easy to make, you don't really have to be creative with them."

"Another problem with first persons shooters is, how often do you see your character? How often do you see Gordon Freeman in Half Life 2?"

"You just get a gun, shoot things, and you win!"

"Third person shooters are so much more realistic"

I think it was at about this point I was in tears laughing.

iistuii1302d ago

Yep, gotta laugh at them. ive bought COD from the very begining & even though my reflexes are not as good as years ago, I still enjoy them. There's nobody gonna tell me how to spend my money. All these haters go on about it each year. There's plenty of other games to play, I suggest they go off & play them & leave the ones who want to play COD to do so..

Eonjay1302d ago

People will defend anything but the truth is COD sales are down because people (not fanboys or loyalists) were getting fatigued with the series.

Now there will always be those folks who say "just cause you don't like it..." well guess what, AW exists because they needed something fresh and Activision is actively trying to save it franchise from shrinking further

dreamed1302d ago

All we can do is hope to high heaven that this franchise crashes and burns!!!!

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