Assassin’s Creed Rogue Is PS3 Exclusive in Japan Due to Dreadful Xbox 360 Sales for Watch_Dogs

Assassin’s Creed Rogue is another of the games skipping its Xbox version in Japan, releasing only for PS3. Today Ubisoft Japan Managing Director Steve Miller, Marketing Manager Yoshitaka Tsuji and PR Specialist Rank Fukui explained the reason.

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sungam3d1299d ago ShowReplies(3)
ThePope1299d ago

Let me guess this is a sign that the X1 is doomed, publishers are going to abandoned the console, and MS is going out of business. I mean this is N4G so I figure it must be the concensus.

CaptainObvious8781299d ago

Well for starters this is concerning the 360...

TheWatercooler1299d ago

Thats a very good point ThePope. If PS4 continues to dominate sales like this third party support could be pulled from Xbone

SaveFerris1299d ago

Fair enough I suppose.

I think it is likely that Ubisoft will release this for current gen consoles eventually.

Yodagamer1299d ago

They're already doing a PC port so I can't imagine them not doing a current gen port.

Chevalier1299d ago

AC Liberation just came bundled on disc for the first time for PS3 with the AC America bundle so it's definitely possible to show up at some point. AC Liberation was a Vita game that got ported afterall.

GamerX21299d ago

Tell them to release it anyway .. because Remember "nobody cares about sales"

Multiplatguy1299d ago

But why isn't it available digitally? I can understand them not bothering with a retail release but they don't lose anything for allowing the few who do own the 360 to buy it digitally.

Chevalier1299d ago

The cost of translation and dubbing or subtitling is more than their expected sales so they're not bothering. It's no different from Warner Bros canceling Batman Arkham Knight for Xbox One in Japan.

98xpresent1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

I thought it was a Timed exclusive in Japan

Multiplatguy1299d ago

But won't they be dubbing and subtitling the PS3 version anyway?

Chevalier1299d ago

There's also cost for publishing, QAing the game and shipping cost. If a big game that was already listed on Xbox One page like Batman could be cancelled then it shouldn't be a surprise that 360 that sells even less is cancelled. I am sure they have projected sales based off the last 6 Assassin Creed games to predict potential sales. It's not just based off of Watch Dogs so much as a string of poor selling games. Watchdogs was just the one that broke the proverbial Camels back.

Multiplatguy1299d ago

There is no shipping cost for digital games; no cases, no manuals, no discs and Microsoft would be responsible for the servers on the Xbox store.

They would still need to QA the game for NA and the EU.

I understand them not wanting to do a retail version due to poor sales but there is no reason not to release a digital version. The dubbing, subs and testing needs to be done regardless.

Chevalier1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Every game has a cost assessment. If it's not profitable or will lose you money in most cases then why would any company ignore their own assessment? You don't think they have enough sales data after 6 previous Assassin Creed games? Are you serious?! The company is noticing a trend and have tried and now they're calling it quits because it will lose them money or is so negligible that it's pointless. Just look at bigger releases like Batman which aren't even getting releases.

They also canceled The Crew for PS3 while they were at it. It's cost vs. benefit. Benefit = negligible then they're just not going to proceed. It's easy to criticize Ubisoft, but, do you know all the costs involved?

Also you forget Microsoft takes fees from Ubisoft and cut of the profit as well. Microsoft would make money regardless, Ubisoft however would either have so little profit or slight losses it'd be pointless from their point of view.