Tom Clancy’s The Division: “Not Too Long” to Wait for a Release Date Announcement

Tom Clancy’s The Division currently doesn’t have a release date, but during the Ubiday event in Japan livestreamed on Nico Nico it was said learned that things are moving along.

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Avalanche1265d ago

who cares. its just going to disappoint like every other Ubisoft game. i mean what was the last GREAT Tom Clancy game? Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1?

Mikey941265d ago

All a matter of opinion. Me personally I thought future soldier was awesome, same with splinter cell theres been quite a few good tom clancy games.

vishmarx1265d ago

my personal favourite is fc 3 but yeah
division will disappoint
mindmelting graphics at reveal which will never ever hold up and online only restriction are a recipe for disaster , especially in ubisoft's hands

Mr Pumblechook1264d ago

I really hope Ubisoft decide to take advantage of both consoles.

dcj05241265d ago

Last good one was Blacklist in 2013.

KarmaV121265d ago

A lot of people care, people who actually play the games instead of stay online to talk trash about them.

darkstar181265d ago

i swear Ubisoft if yoU pull a Watch_Dogs with this game too then im done with guys, not a franchise worth playing from you since you refuse to make an Assassins Creed game in Japan damn it!! T.T

Conzul1265d ago

They'd just ruin that, too.

death_gun1265d ago

LOL another ubisoft game no thanks ill pass

Sketchy_Galore1265d ago

never looked like my type of thing creatively but the beautiful immersive and detailed world piqued my interest. Now I'm strongly suspecting this will look just like Watch dogs once it's released I can't say I'm very interested in it.

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