Xbox One Deals for November: Xbox One for $250

Now is an excellent time to buy the Xbox One thanks to a number of stackable Xbox One deals that drop the price as low as $250 with a trade and other great deals for users who are looking for an Xbox One as a Christmas gift.

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aviator1891388d ago

Got my white x1 with sunset overdrive for just $87. ;D
had like $200 in chase reward points and $50 in amazon gift cards, so I'm quite happy.

zero_gamer1388d ago

A $350 system+game bundle for the price of less than two retail games is a huge steal.

ramiuk11388d ago

did u not have to spend money to get the reward points?
either way u got a bargain i suppose

NiteX1388d ago

You do of course, its reward points. Takes a lot of money to get $200 worth of points to.

aviator1891388d ago

of course I did.
Deal was: spend $500 for $200 back.
So, used that $220 + $50 amazon credits towards my white SO X1 bundle (which was originally $349.99 + taxes) = so ended up paying just under $100.

zero_gamer1388d ago

Reward points or no reward points, you'll spend money anyway. That's just part of living. Reward points are a bonus advantage smart spenders use.

ramiuk11387d ago

@aviator189 getting $200 back for spending $500 an awesome cashback deal.
thats what i would say "well played" dude.

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SkippyPaccino1388d ago

I purchased my ps4 with my Sony MC points and it didn't cost me a dime... You gotta love it when your credit card gives back.

aviator1891388d ago

yup, points are just awesome.

Magicite1387d ago

Well, Im certainly gonna buy X1 when it will be ~100euros and I think I wont need to wait too long, because people here in eastern europe want to get rid of one once they get it.

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SynestheticRoar1388d ago

I see the ideal 199 Price not far away.

thexmanone1388d ago

Ahh PS4 fans logic. 50% less then the PS4 since the Xbox is suppose to be 50% less powerful. Got it

miyamoto1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Knowing M$ has over $387 billion market cap many times over Sony's $21 B and Nintendo's $15B, they literally can afford to give away the Xbox One for free just to widen its installed base & not feel a single pinch, right?

But that is not the right way to do a console business

Keep those sirry comments up, oke? We need more of them.

medman1387d ago

I doesn't need to be 50 percent less, but it was obvious to me and many others when it launched at 499 with less impressive technical specs than ps4 and kinect bundled giving consumers no choice with that peripheral that it was overpriced. Now it's priced more appropriately for what the system is. Yet I see articles crowing about price drops and how this is a great deal. I agree the included game makes it a great deal, but as far as pricing this is where the xbone should have been from the beginning. You get no credit for overcharging gamers for the console, then reducing the price only because you're getting kicked in the teeth month after month by the ps4.

Joey_Leone1388d ago

Well i honestly think that's how much it's really worth.

El_Colombiano1388d ago

I'd be mad if not even a year later my $500 purchase was selling for half the price.

2010ngojo1387d ago

It's not selling for $250. It's selling for $350, but you CAN get it for $250. Totally different from what you're saying.

ABBAJESUS1388d ago

If it goes under 299e here Finland in this holiday season... i will buy one, i promise.

indyman77771388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Finland? Hey on Southpark(cartoon) you guys was going to tell on all the other countries! You was going to tell the aliens, that we stole the Space money! (but it turned out that we nuked you, before they returned, and it was a test that the earth failed because no one stepped up to tell the truth which you tried to). hehe. Finland women are hot, we should never nuke Finland!

Unless you try to tell that we stole all the PS4's!!!

ABBAJESUS1388d ago

Haha yeah it was great episode. :D

ajax171388d ago

Best price war in a long time! I hope they can both keep this going. I want a $99 dollar PS4, lol

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