Assassin's Creed Unity: New gameplay in the immense night exposed via PS4

The latest news is coming from France, where a player who has got his hands on the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Before the official release, a 11-minute gameplay has been leaked by the player. Enjoy the show!

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bleedsoe9mm1356d ago

have they said there is a day/night cycle or its story related

vishmarx1356d ago

looks like watchdogs with better lighting, bigger crowds and worse texture filter
(and worse fps)

and if im not wrong his running and vaulting animations are identical to aiden

PowerNerd1011355d ago

I think you're right about that. Arno's stealth crouch looks the same too.

Omar911355d ago

Unfortunately there is no realtime day/night cycle. It will be similar to Second Son where depending on the mission, the day/ night cycle changes.

bleedsoe9mm1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

thanks for answering my question , not sure how i got 6 disagrees with a simple question but hey allot of angry kids on n4g , guess it wasn't pro sony enough should put ps4 rules at the end of every post lol

The93Sting1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

pop ins all over the place. damn LOL

not only there's little to no shadows at all, but Some NPCs aren't fully detailed, then a strange pop in occurs and their hair and clothes are back in form again. LMAO XD

this is Ubisoft, ladies and gentlemen, Watch_dogs re-skinned with Assassins creed theme/design ;)

markyboy21811355d ago

this looks awful.......... ECXACTLY the same as the ones b4 with worse lookin textures such a waste of time ubi really are the worst developers out there no creativity n dont even no how to use a next gen rouge on ps3 will be beta then this

jatakk1355d ago

So much hate for AC:Unity, complaining about bullshots and "parity". Game is looking great!

Truth is that the game looks identical to the E3 demo:

if you are looking for the best graphics, avoid the consoles and play it on a PC:

Stop whining, the choice is yours ;)

bauer0071355d ago

The game looks nothing like the E3 demo... deja vu!

GreetingsfromCanada1355d ago

I just love the people who are complaining about the textures. So dear dumb asses this is an insanely compressed sub hd video. I have direct download footage in hd that isn't very compressed, it looks fine.

bauer0071355d ago

So you reckon all that pop in looks fine do you? Multiple NPC's changing colour in front of you? :L

Stardust2601355d ago

The game to this point looks nearly identical to the E3 reveal.
Bullshots are never representative of the game -- it's sadly an industry trend now. The fact that this game looks so different to it's promotional images is to be expected.
Also, iirc every AC game's had a day 1 patch, so the graphics may even be improved in that. Black Flag was originally released in 900p, but had a day 1 patch that brought it up to 1080p and improved the AA.

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