The Crew : Minimum and Recommended PC requirements

Ubisoft's open-world racer The Crew launches in a month, and the publisher has posted the minimum and optimal specifications for those looking to play it on Windows PC.

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Eonjay1384d ago

This is more like it. Very reasonable requirements.

R6ex1384d ago

Yes, this should be the way its done:

Minimal ... Recommended ... Optimal

Mister_Audrey1384d ago

Ubisoft has already shown they can't do driving.

The Crew is an automatic skip.

SniperControl1384d ago

Yep, another p155 poor game by ubi, the beta was like playing a PS360 game, the graphics were dire, the handling was abysmal, total waste of my PC's power.

I'll stick with FH2, DC for now.

SniperControl1383d ago


If you have never played it, dont knock it.