Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Single-Player Campaign PC Screenshots Leaked (Max Settings)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases in a couple of hours but a number of Steam users were able to unlock the game by using South Korean and Australian VPN servers. As a result of that, a bunch of PC screenshots from the game’s SP campaign mode have been unveiled, showing off the visuals of the game at max settings.

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decrypt1387d ago

Looks pretty crappy, but probably will end up taking some graphics awards at the mainstream level.

Hakoom1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

ofc it does.. just like any other cod..
but this game wel get fake 9s and fake awards like always lol

Harold_Finch1387d ago

Awards aren't fake, they are real things given by real people. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean they are wrong, it just supports the fact that it is all subjective. Subjectivity doesn't half make people sulk, even when they have no right to.

Twignberries1387d ago

@Harold_Finch No you're right. The awards are real, given out by real people, payed real endorsements, of real money, by really sh*t developers.

Yukicore1386d ago

While in some areas the textures are lacking quality, the overall look is pretty great. And it seems you have the wrong idea of what crappy graphics look like.

Hakoom1387d ago

iam glad i boycoted cod
not going to buy anymore of this crap

AD7051387d ago

God bless you sir my good man. If only we had more people like you and I taking the stand. People should not be going out and keep on buying this same BS every year which had led to a gaming market overflowing with generic run of the mill shooters.

Swiggins1387d ago

Oh man, you're such a hero for not buying a game in a popular franchise...

Stop being so pretentious and get over yourself.

Kidmyst1386d ago

Not much different than buying things like Halo MCC and other Remastered games like Last of Us, Tomb Raider as OK. Same game again just looks a little better than original. To each their own. I am re-buying GTAV, loved it the first time and can't wait to play it remastered.

NiteX1387d ago

Makes him feel good about himself?

SaveFerris1387d ago

B-but what about the trophies?

nutcase131387d ago

This game looks like utter recycled shit, absolute crap

Mine better get to me on Monday...

iistuii1387d ago

Don't mention the war, I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it..

FullmetalRoyale1387d ago

That's pretty funny. ;)

I'm looking forward to it, as well.

GTgamer1387d ago

Not gonna lie the guns makes me think im looking at titanfall anyway COD needs to stop using that outdated source engine because it feels like deja vu everytime I see a new COd.

SoapShoes1387d ago

But TitanFall was always just a Sci Fi COD.... I mean it looked and played like COD with futuristic tech.

DoomeDx1387d ago

Quake Engine*

Titanfall runs on Source.

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The story is too old to be commented.