Revenge of the License: A Sound of Thunder

Michael Crisman writes, "It’s a trope I’m guilty of trotting out far too often: video games based on film licenses are nothing more than excuses for some two-bit studio to make an enormous influx of money without resorting to looting armored cars or Nigerian prince email scams. And more often than not, I’m right. Wanton cash grabs by game studios leading to sub-par software and the occasional bankrupting of an entire industry have been with us since home video games were a thing. Retro gamers still get all the nookie at parties by spouting off lines like, “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial on 2600, amirite?” (I may be confusing ‘nookie’ with ‘violent beatings’). Licensed games are no-brainers for everybody: game devs make money, movie houses get extra promotion, and grandmothers with the best of intentions are tricked by GameStop employees into spending money on something no self-respecting child would ever play willingly."

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