Miyamoto: Nintendo Is Looking To Work With More Third Party Developers

Legendary video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto says that the company is working on more spin-off titles to help improve the flow of Wii U software.

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Hoffmann1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Lol...Nintendo talks about getting more third party games for over an decade from time to time.

And the result...less and less. With the exception of a ton of shovelware a la PETZ on wii.

Concertoine1388d ago

You didn't read the article. This is talking about collaborative titles. Like Hyrule Warriors. Or working with companies like Namco to get games out faster.

Chrischi19881388d ago

They are talking about 3rd Party exclusives and off-spin nintendo titles and not normal 3rd parties, like Witcher3. If you know what I mean.

Spikeantestor1388d ago

Even though the results have been mixed, I think this can only help. Nintendo is doing as good a job as anyone could of trying to save a console by themselves, but they just need more software. I.E., even if Hyrule Warriors wasn't great, it's still for the better that it exist.

MasterCornholio1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Go go Miyamoto.


Great to hear that he wants to bring more 3rd party support to the Wii U.

Metallox1388d ago

Go go, Cornholio

I invite you to read the piece and not just the headline.

1388d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I think a few collaborative projects and new IPs like Splatoon from their smaller studios (not mentioned but still quite relevant) will be interesting, but games like Hyrule Warriors aren't really adequate substitutes (it wasn't particularly good, in my opinion).

Nintendo is really going to have to wise up with their next console. If they have some good open policies, they should be able to snatch up the majority of awesome indie games on the market and a few 3rd party games this gen. That would be a good start.

But they're going to have to deliver a console that 3rd parties can actually work with, and take seriously as part of a long-term vision/revenue stream. It's likely a lot of Wii U ports were just poor cash-grabs because they weren't really invested with a string of future titles for the system.

It's good to see them trying though.

wonderfulmonkeyman1388d ago

The Wii U IS a platform that third parties can work with.
They just need to focus less on half-assed ports of multiplats that gamers would rather invest in on other consoles, and more on collaborative exclusives that will draw attention and create them some reliable revenue.

Multiplats are a lost cause on Nintendo home consoles, going forward, so long as third parties don't care about making them on-par to other versions in all aspects aside from graphics.
No one, for example, would purchase the next CoD on the Wii U's successor if third parties don't repair the broken trust players have in the multiplats they bring to Nintendo's home consoles, by giving them all the same gameplay content.[extra stages, multiplayer modes, etc etc etc]
It'd also help if they'd stop making all of them late.
That's what killed Watch Dog's chances of ever selling on Wii U.

Going forward, exclusives are a better bet than multiplats, for third parties that want to sell well on Nintendo home consoles.
Not guaranteed, by any means, but still a better bet.

Dunban671387d ago

The problem is, 3rd parties as it relates to multi plats, are not working with Nintendo- Nintendo has not some anything so far to change that- it is their job to make their consoles viable for 3rd parties or they will continue to stay away

If Nintendo is not going to make an effort to get 3rd party support for the Wii u with then software droughts it s had, what makes anyone think they will try to get it on their next console

I think they are planning to be a Nintendo box with 2ndarty exclusives and the occasional 3rd party collaboration -

wonderfulmonkeyman1387d ago

Nintendo shouldn't have to do anything to get third parties to put all the same gameplay content into their Wii U multiplats, Dunban.

Ghosts, AC4, and all the other multiplats, should have gotten all the same content, modes, and extras that the other versions got.

The multiplats are a bad bet for Nintendo, and it would actually be smarter for Nintendo to focus on collaborative titles instead since third parties are too stubborn to do their own multiplats justice on the platform 99% of the time.

DoggyBiscuit1388d ago

I would love to see Irrational Games make a new Metroid game they did a awesome job with BioShock Infinite I know they can do the same with Metroid

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