New-Gen The Elder Scrolls Can't Come Soon Enough - New Images Show The Beauty Of Skyrim Modded

DSOGaming writes: "Man, it’s been almost three years and Bethesda has not revealed anything yet about the next part of its The Elder Scrolls series. Despite that, ENBSeries members have shared some images from Skyrim modded, showcasing visuals that may give us an idea of what the next part of the series will look like."

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King_of_Nothing1230d ago

I love The Elder Scrolls series, but I seriously need some Fallout news first.

lemoncake1230d ago

Same, its been too long since fallout, cannot wait to see it on the new gen of consoles.

denawayne1230d ago

While the graphics should be great for the new Elder Scrolls, I'm more wanting better AI and NPC interaction. Better animations, too.

WeAreLegion1230d ago

I'm betting on Fallout 4 in 2016.

Probably 2018 before we see Elder Scrolls VI pop up. I wonder what region(s) of Tamriel they'll use.

DarkOcelet1230d ago

If you played the evil within , it has a poster of the suger bombs from fallout 3 , so this might be an indication of their next big game or it might just be an easter egg but either way its awesome .

AndrewLB1230d ago

The Elder Scrolls VI: Summerset Isle will come before 2018. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they show off a trailer at E3 next year since the project is very much under way and has been since before Skyrim was released.

Pennywise1381230d ago

I'd like to see more quests taking place on the world map and not just inside caves and temples. All that land and skyrim barely used for much more than traveling. Not every quest has to take place indoors.

Perjoss1230d ago

The Skyrim game world is amazing, I just wish that Bethesda would make the combat more interesting, they are doing very well in so many areas, its just a shame that the actual gameplay feels like its been totally neglected. They should look around and see what kinds of cool combat is being done in other games and then just steal a few ideas and mash them together to come up with something better.

Having said that I think its the turn of a Fallout 3 sequel next anyway, another amazing game that could use better combat.

Reaper29r1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Keep in mind it's an RPG. Not an adventure game, not an action RPG. I think the combat formula they developed for Skyrim is great, it just needs a bit of refinement (and I wish you could still use magic with 2H weapons like Oblivion). I'd rather they focus on creating a more diverse and interesting world to explore ala morrowind (enough with human countries for now) with smarter NPCs (specially followers) and keep Skyrim style combat. Anyway we will see Fallout 4 before we see TES VI. Specially with TESO being out right now, and still supposedly coming to consoles. 2016 at the earliest.

thricetold1230d ago

Where is it written rpgs have to have terrible combat?

Reaper29r1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

That's your opinion, and I said it could use refinement but I thought it was solid. It was a vast improvement from previous entries as is. It's not easy melee fighting off leveled mobs of enemies specially on hard and it felt like it had impact behind each blow and the magic was on point too. Games like TES, while the hits connect now if they're made (thankfully), still mostly rely on their stats, not just whether the hits connect and the damage rating on the weapon itself. Which is how western RPGs are meant to be. Look at Dragon Age. All the TES games. The classics before them like KOTOR, Baldurs Gate etc.. Skyrims is an easy to learn balanced style of combat that still keeps stats as the main focus, while providing some sense of weight and realism for all class types. I thought the combat was awesome, though def not perfect. I enjoyed the dance of swiping, blocking, and flanking. Feeling the controller rumble. Pegging a dude full of arrows and getting that kill cam execution or hunting the last guy down as he runs away; and the kill cam arrow kill. Sending some poor sap flying through the air after taking a lightning bolt to the chest. All the while my stats along with a bit of skill dictating victory or defeat. But since you thought it sucked, I'd love to hear how you would have made it better? I'm not being sarcastic either, what would you prefer it to have been like?

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