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Dealspwn writes: Think Soul Sacrifice set in the future but with worse upgrades and less combat features. The smooth online co-op missions don't gel properly with making your way through the campaign though and the small number of enemy types and environments make this one of the poorer Monster Hunter clones out there. Play Soul Sacrifice/Diablo III instead or buy a Wii U/3DS for Monster Hunter.

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shallowpoint1231d ago

I must be playing a different game! Far from a 4!!!

Inception1231d ago

Yeah, i can torn apart the review pieces by pieces because it's very wrong in many way (comparisson with Soul Sacrifices? worse upgrades & less combat features? wtf!). But i just waste my time if i do that. dealspwn must be needing some serious hits like they can't save the site from closing.

Protagonist1231d ago

According to forums like neogaf, people love the freaking game and dont view it as a MH clone.

vladstad1231d ago

who lets these people rate these games. im not even gona read his silly review since i know this game is atleast an 8/10. is it perfect? nope, but it is still a great new ip that does alot right.

Lionalliance1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I'm reading everywhere and the forums, people are loving the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.