The Most Intense October Release No One is Talking About

Jeremy Parish,, "Vita's ambitious new multiplayer game has largely slipped beneath the radar, but it's worth a look... if you don't mind a little pressure."

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shallowpoint1053d ago

I agree! FW has so much content it's hard to believe its a vita game! Looks great on playstation tv also.

Inception1053d ago

I can spend hours just customizing my characters & accessories. Can't believe sony can fit all those content in that tiny vita cartridge :o

HentaiMasterRace1053d ago

It's a very good game that all Vita owners should support, especially since its AAA.

Spotie1053d ago

But I heard the Vita didn't have any AAA games. /s

ShadowWolf7121053d ago

Freedom Wars is freaking awesome.

SpiralTear1053d ago

I've heard a lot about Freedom Wars, actually. Looks awesome.

SleepingHero1053d ago

Currently top in anchorage Alaska my names Sleeping! If u see me online join up :)

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The story is too old to be commented.