Check out Amiibo’s final retail versions for Mario, Samus, Link, and more (exclusive gallery)

Despite minor differences with the earlier versions, the final designs of Nintendo’s first series of “toys to life” figures are extremely detailed.

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ColManischewitz1179d ago

Skylanders/Infinity folk: Are Nintendo characters interesting enough to you to get you onboard Amiibo?

darkronin2291179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Wow, these are really detailed. Wouldn't mind buying a few just to have on my shelf.

Gbits1178d ago

That's why I liked Disney Infinity this time around - so many little Marvel figures for the desk.

shaw981178d ago

Really nice figures. I am just tempted to buy them all and never open them as they said some will be limited time. 0.o

Kevlar0091178d ago

So they're not as good as the demos, but not bad as I had feared. I wonder if Nintendo will make premium versions like the demos for more avid collectors.

R00bot1178d ago

I don't like the coloured support stands as much as the clear ones, they make me wonder why Nintendo didn't just change their poses for the amiibo to avoid them. They still look really nice anyway and I think people are forgetting that these are about 2 inches tall so the amount of detail they've managed is quite impressive.

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