Check Out 10 Minutes of Funny Moments From Assassin's Creed Unity

Funny moments abound in Assassin's Creed Unity's latest video.

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FullmetalRoyale1139d ago

Good looking out, brother!
Thanks for the heads up. I won't be watching it, as I'm really looking forward to this release.

KnightRobby1139d ago

Those shots are from the public trailer released by Ubisoft days ago. I wouldn't consider something released by Ubisoft a spoiler...Rift missions are extra activities, not story related.

Meltic1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Cant wait for the pc version of this game

GundalfDeGrej1139d ago

The first 20 seconds are as spoilery as it gets.

SaveFerris1139d ago

I didn't know that the 'celebrity co-op' trailer was voiced by one guy. He was pretty good.