PS4 And Xbox One Are No Different From A PC You'd Buy On Newegg, No Issues With eSRAM

Hyper Light Drifter's lead developer Alex Preston talks development with Game Maker and current gen consoles.

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Lulz_Boat1383d ago

"No Issues With eSRAM"

Best joke ever

Unarmed_Civilian1383d ago

Well seeing how the game looks doubt they need to use it anyway.


Funantic11383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Esram no problem

mysteryraz111383d ago

pcs arent all at the same level, consoles are and having fixed hardware makes it easier to improve the performance and graphics on them, they are still consoles and have all the benefits, mantle failed and dx12 wont change nothing for the pc, it will never be able to match the consoles optimization

decrypt1383d ago

Console optimization is a sad joke, which involves Low res textures, little to no AF, using blurry methods instead of real AA (infact it was the last gen consoles that started the trend of forgoing real AA). Goes without saying most of that can be done on a PC by the user themselves lol.

fullmetal2971383d ago

You are forgetting that Microsoft is also implementing DX12 on Xbox One and the same API on the PC will the same on Xbox One.

TheGamingArt1383d ago

Gamemaker studio is the biggest POS game making tool out there. Any professional dev who talks about tech and uses this engine is full of themselves and should never be taken seriously.

rainslacker1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Dunno about all that as a good dev can use GM can make decent games, but I had to go and see if GM now supports direct coding which I couldn't figure out from quickly looking through the website. It still looks like a WYSIWYG editor, with it's own scripting langues.

Does anyone know if GM now supports external coding through C libraries now to actually access some of the new hardware in PC/consoles? If not, then of course ESRAM is no problem, it's probably not even being used.

I actually do like GM for making 2D games. It's very simple, and can output to both android, iOS, and PC, and I guess X1/PS4(with the proper liscense). For a very small indie studio that's a good thing, and the results can be better than this game looks. I personally like the scripting language, but have long since moved on to Unity and C#, which can be a pain with 2D and UI stuff, although I haven't used the latest version yet.

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