Can Nintendo turn Wii U around?

"Wii U has been a huge disappointment for Nintendo. And although the company's boss Satoru Iwata has been talking up post-Mario Kart 8 sales, it continues to lag behind expectations.

Nintendo is the most venerable name in gaming and yet Wii U has not sold nearly as many units as the company hoped, planned and budgeted. It points to percentage increases in sales for the April-September period, but the actual hard numbers of consoles sold remains sluggish. As a result, Nintendo's future in the console business looks murky."

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EliteGameKnight1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

That depends on what you mean, the system is currently making a profit and is in second place in sales. I think a better question would be: "Can Nintendo continue to improve the Wii U's sales?". It certainly isn't meeting sales expectations from Nintendo, but it isn't in such a bad spot

marloc_x1298d ago

Agreed. The user base is buying quite a few games too.

mikeslemonade1298d ago

Profit? You mean like several $100k. That's pennies in the video game industry lol. And I doubt they are making money with the WiiU.

Chrischi19881298d ago

Better than losing money. $0 is not the worst that can happen.

Ol_G1298d ago

They released their financial report for Q2 a few days ago they are making a profit definitly not a few pennies it's a lot more than a few 100k

ritsuka6661297d ago

I like Nintendo but they are their own worst enemy. They could have done so much more with the Wii U.

RSKnight1297d ago

You nailed it, they are their own worst enemy indeed.

frezhblunts1297d ago

They are making money now on the wii u but the 3ds is whats holding them up. Sony as a company lost money and yet the ps4 is doing amazing. The wii u is fun and i know some people who are getting it for the holiday for games like smash bros and bayonetta 2

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MrSwankSinatra1298d ago

The only thing Nintendo can't turn around is having full blown third party support like the PS4 & X1. Anything else has either been turned around or is in the process of being turned around.

mcstorm1298d ago

What I do find funny about 3rd party support on Nintendo is the handheld console gets loads and the home consoles get none. Very strange but for me I have a wiiu and Xbox one so I get the 3rd party games on the Xbox even though there are not many I want at the moment and the wiiu is not short of ips and has some of the best games so far this gen.

DualWielding1297d ago

there's nothing strange the cost of producing games for 3DS is cheaper so developers can make money on a 3DS exclusive... developing a proper HD console game has gotten to expensive that making one just for the Wii U makes no sense financially for a third party developer. Since it is different from everything else the cost of porting games designed for other consoles for Wii U is higher than what developers can make from it, so it doesn't get games

mcstorm1297d ago

@DualWielding I agree with what your saying but 3rd party support for Nintendo has not been there for their Home consoles since the N64. Even the Wii had poor 3rd party support.

Like I said im not too fussed as 3rd party games are few and far between of games I want now as all we get is the same IP's year on year from most of them. COD, BF, AC, NFS, FIFA, NHL and more.

I am not into YOY games as I like different types of games and not playing the same games over and over each year.

But for me as long as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are making great games I want I will support them.

frezhblunts1297d ago

Swank I am glad you mention that because the head president of nintendo just recovered and said they are making more spinoff games with help of third party to bring more games to the console for less wait period between games like zelda and mario!

AKR1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

They just announced that sales have improved and they're making a profit. That's all that matters.

Why are we still getting articles about the console needing to be saved? It's already been done.

overrated441298d ago

Because Polygon gonna Polygon.

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LaserEyeKitty1298d ago

Another bait article. "Nintendo doom and gloom! It's the first sign of the apocalypse!"

superchiller1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Wii U will never reach the popularity of any previous-gen consoles, nor will it be able to compete with the two true next gen consoles (PS4 and XB1). Nintendo just cut too much out of the base console, to accommodate the gamepad gimmick. They gambled on cheap, feature-lacking hardware tied to a gimmick, just like they did with the Wii before it, but this time the gamble failed.

Maybe for their next home console (if they ever release one), they'll finally get the message: gamers want solid gaming hardware that will last for years, not cheap stuff with gimmicks cobbled in.

Sadly, Nintendo has not been known for having solid gaming hardware for over a decade, so I doubt anything will change in the future. They just don't have the technical expertise to design competitive hardware, anymore. All they have left is their iconic IPs, but those aren't going to carry them through.

And for people saying Nintendo is making a profit, they still have operating losses to this day, so no, not really. And for those who say the Wii U is "beating" the XB1, the Wii U has been out a year longer, so it really isn't.

Ol_G1298d ago

If you'd understand their philosophy you'd know that they don't build hardware like that anyone still hung up on this subject is just uninformed

marloc_x1298d ago

" no,not really."

The back peddling has begun.

Hang onto your butt cause Nintendo's gamble is starting to pay off schiller..

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