Sunset Overdrive perfected checkpoints by putting fun above logic

"Sunset Overdrive is a game that focuses on the enjoyment of the player. Just moving around the in-game world can be a joyful experience as you grind and jump and string combos together to unlock in-game bonuses.

It’s a game that knows how to cut out much of the bullshit that can hurt the enjoyment of that sort of game, and one of the things Insomniac Games handled nearly perfectly are the checkpoints."

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NoDucks1354d ago

What a good idea. Games with few checkpoints piss me off

Snookies121354d ago

For some games it works though. Sure, it sucks to die and have to go back a long way. However, something like Dark Souls benefited from it. It makes you learn the level through and through, so that when you finally master it you can feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Just depends on the type of game, really.

Naga1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

True, and it is a technique that compliments this particular game very well.

I can't tell you how relieved I was when I botched a jump and fell off of a building I had just spent 5 minutes climbing, only to have it spawn me, mid-fall, back on the building with my character remarking about how glad he was he didn't have to do that all over again. The whole moment fit so perfectly into the attitude and style of Sunset Overdrive.

excessivered1354d ago

This game is trully amazing

tgunzz1354d ago

Awesome, awesome game... Just took on a herker, and fizzle balloon. what a rush!! This game, and FH2 is my premier games right now! Game on.

Sheikh Yerbouti1354d ago

Great to hear a developer address this unnecessary frustration...!

Dramacydal1354d ago

This game is great fun. Insomniac is back to form.

captainexplosion1354d ago

Into the Nexus was great too. So basically they were an amazing developer from Spyro until Ratchet A Crack in Time in 2009, then they sucked until late last year with Into the Nexus. I can't wait until the new Ratchet. It's my most anticipated game for next year.

Snookies121354d ago

Into the Nexus was awsesome, I just wish it'd been longer... :\

4me21354d ago

"Ratchet and Clank Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal" probably still my favorite. Hope they working for one on PS4.

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