Get an Extra PS4 Game (Upcoming or Latest) with the PS4 The Last of Us Bundle (and to some extent) has an offer which can get you one of the upcoming/latest hits for PS4 for free when buying PS4 The Last of Us Bundle.

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Imp0ssibl31296d ago

So many good games, it's hard to choose!

micx1296d ago

The titles offered as bonus game are really impressive. I, myself, would have a hard time choosing between them.

nX1296d ago

Get the best game + a game of your choice, perfect bundle.

Aurenar1296d ago

WTF? I want this offert for me! It's unfair, everyone should have this right lol

Fullmetalevolust1296d ago

Alright Amazon in the US, take notes, that's the kind of bundle I want for Black Friday. Make it Happen! :)

micx1296d ago

We got so many different deals (gamers in general, but not European gamers :( ), and Black Friday has yet to come.

mikeslemonade1296d ago

Savvy shoppers find deals year round. You don't have to wait until black friday to get a good deal.

The_Blue1296d ago

Is it possible to get the white ps4 without Destiny, that would be a better bundle in itself.

ABizzel11296d ago

The Last of Us is so good, not only is it bundled, but it's still offered as one of the games you can add to the bundle, LMAO.

This list of games you can bundle is insane, some games aren't even coming out until holiday 2015.