Why I Love The Wonderful 101

"The statue is knocked free. The last hope of humankind falls toward certain destruction. The enemy officer gloats atop his multi-headed robot alien dragon. But it’s not over yet. Traversing the falling rubble of the collapsing buildings around them, a hundred masked heroes jump to the rescue. Yet the enemy won’t let them go without a fight. Bearing his massive sword astride his pet, he flies in to stop them. It’s time for a fight to the death.

It’s time to finish this" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Metallox1387d ago

Because it's really that good, the humor, the colors, the combat, the moves, the weapons, the heroes... everything is awesome in this game. Such a shame not many people played it.

iliimaster1387d ago

good read and i agree this game is fun what blew my mind was using the wiiu game pad when i walked into a building i didin't know what was going on then i looked at the gamepad and realized what was going on i loved it very fresh