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Connected Digital World writes: With the Dark Souls series firmly planted in the last gen; and a while left to wait yet for Bloodborne, Deck 13 Interactive, CI Games and Square Enix have released Lords of the Fallen. A game very much in the vein of the Souls succession, offering careful yet strategic combat, enormous bosses and learning by your own mistakes. Will Lords of the Fallen become a simple stopgap, or will it rise to the occasion and prove to be an independent game in its own right?

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Imp0ssibl31295d ago

Agree with the score, it's great game!

Aon1294d ago

I agree with that score too. Lords of the Fallen is great game with interesting storyline and awesome graphics. Animatins in combat and in dialogues with NPC looks very nice, weapon and armor models have a lot of details so it looks very well. I recomended this game all of RPG fans.

ThePowerpuffGirl1294d ago

There is nothing surprising in this, that the Lords of the Fallen collects such high scores. Despite some bugs, the game still looks amazing. It is just beautiful. There is something to marvel at. True, armor and weapons polished to perfection, a lot of detail. It is worth to play.

Aminot1294d ago

I'm really glad that Lords of the Fallen is getting high scores on most of the reviews. I'm really enjoying it and would be very glad if CI would decise to make a sequel. There are some bugs to flesh out(tbh almost every release these days has some), but combat feels great and design is beautiful.