12 Upcoming Video Games That Will Probably Be Delayed

WC: For the remainder of the year and beyond, these 12 games, many of which have already been delayed, are likely to be struck by the delay curse. Why would this be? Either what’s been shown off so far looks a little tawdry, the developer is notorious for delaying their games, or the lack of specificity regarding a release date beyond a vague “Q2 2015″ suggests the game could easily slip back a few months.

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Lord_Sloth1115d ago

This picture along with this article make me angry.

JasonXS121115d ago

Not mention it's a whatculture article meaning we need to view each of the 12 items on different web pages.

Lord_Sloth1115d ago

I know! I never follow their links for that very reason!

elninels1114d ago

Whatculture. O Avarice!

Walker1115d ago

It's time to stop posting

persona4chie1115d ago

I agree plus there is no reason for XV to even be in the list because SE NEVER said xv Is coming out 2015.

In fact they said the game is only 50 to 60 percent complete and they don't have a release year in mind.

alb18991115d ago

How will a Game be delayed if it hasn't yet release date?

thorstein1115d ago

No one said the people at WhatCulture are intelligent.

Elda1115d ago

FF-XV has been delayed for years now unofficially.

Tdmd1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

You know what? It'll be kind of funny if FFXV gets delayed eventually!

EXVirtual1115d ago

Why is the Witcher III on the list?
And FF15 doesn't even have a release date yet?

thunderbird861114d ago

Yeah, I like how they put that in there and give absolutely no reason why, except that it happens to other games, so it'll happen here.

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The story is too old to be commented.